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The international architectural competition for Sara Hildén Art Museum’s new building to launch

Published 31.8.2020 10.32

An international architectural competition for the Sara Hildén Art Museum’s new building has been launched. The competition is organised in cooperation with the Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, the Sara Hildén Foundation and the City of Tampere. The architectural competition lasts from 31 August to 2 December 2020, and the results will be published in early 2021.

Finlaysonin aluetta ilmakuvassa.

The land area assigned for the new building is limited to Kuninkaankatu, the Wilhelm von Nottbeck park, Polttimonkatu and the current Main Office building in the Finlayson area. The architectural competition in the historical city centre of Tampere is internationally attractive and provides the contestants with a challenging design task. The competition has already attracted interest from professionals in the field and the jury expects to receive a large number of high-quality and impressive propositions.

- The contestants will be required to design a high-quality building by acknowledging the surrounding city structure and the valuable cultural and green areas nearby. The propositions must be feasible in terms of functionality and the technical-economic point of view. Attention must also be paid to the building’s lifespan, says chairman of the jury and Deputy Mayor of the City of Tampere Jaakko Stenhäll.

Compared to the old museum building, the new building of the Sara Hildén Art Museum will have twice as many square metres and more modern museum technology, making it possible to display the constantly expanding permanent collection and temporary exhibitions at the same time. The museum and its internationally noteworthy art collection is a significant attraction in Tampere.

- The central location in the Finlayson area improves the museum’s accessibility. The old factory buildings and the cultural surroundings combined with new architecture and art provide the citizens and visitors with new, shared experiences, says Museum Director Päivi Loimaala.

The owner and developer of the Finlayson buildings Varma is pleased with the new location and building of the Sara Hildén Art Museum.

- The new museum will support the attractiveness and vitality of the western city centre and strengthen the cultural and leisure resources as well as the concentration of jobs in the Finlayson area. We look forward to seeing the contestants’ propositions for the architectural design of the new building, says Varma’s Real Estate Manager Kai Niinimäki.

Detailed materials and information about the operations and collections of the Sara Hildén Art Museum, the cultural surroundings of the Finlayson area and the Wilhelm von Nottbeck park, the area’s traffic network, the green factor utilised by the City of Tampere as well as details about the construction conditions have been collected in the competition programme.

The architectural competition is organised in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) and in line with the competition rules of the association. The required changes to the city plan will be made based on the competition results. The competition’s jury consists of professor and architect Rainer Mahlamäki and architect Pauno Narjus from SAFA, Museum Director of Sara Hildén Art Museum Päivi Loimaala, painter and professor of fine arts Silja Rantanen from the Sara Hildén Foundation, Property Development Director Sari Raunio and Real Estate Manager Kai Niinimäki from Varma, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tampere Jaakko Stenhäll (chairman) as well as Director of Real Estate and Housing Virpi Ekholm, Architect Minna Tuominen, Head of Local Detailed Planning Elina Karppinen and Director of Urban Planning Hanna Montonen from the City of Tampere.

The operations of the Sara Hildén Art Museum are based on an agreement (1975) between the City of Tampere and the Sara Hildén Foundation that was used for founding the Sara Hildén Art Museum, maintained by the City of Tampere. The essential role of the Sara Hildén Art Museum is to conduct research as well as to display, maintain and care for the remarkably high-quality and internationally significant modern and contemporary art collection of the museum that is owned by the Sara Hildén Foundation.

The public can view the propositions submitted by the competition contestants at

Further information:
Deputy Mayor Jaakko Stenhäll tel. +358 (0)45 137 8505, jaakko.stenhall(at)
Head of Local Detailed Planning Elina Karppinen tel. +358 (0)40 800 4908, elina.karppinen(at)
Museum Director Päivi Loimaala, Sara Hildén Art Museum, tel. +358 (0)40 580 6552, paivi.loimaala(at)
Real Estate Manager Kai Niinimäki, Varma, tel. +358 (0)40 729 8144, kai.niinimaki(at)
Director, Real Estate and Housing Virpi Ekholm tel. +358 (0)400 205 044, virpi.ekholm(at)

Competition website:

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