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Upper secondary schools in Tampere begin the school year with contact teaching

Published 10.8.2020 14.46

Following the recommendation of the Finnish National Agency for Education, in the upper secondary schools of Tampere, the school year begins with contact teaching at their premises. The development of the coronavirus situation is monitored, and teaching is planned from the beginning so that, if necessary, it is possible to quickly and flexibly switch to remote or hybrid teaching.

If the epidemic situation requires a transition to partial remote teaching, the aim is to offer first-year students, if the situation so permits, primarily contact teaching.

It is recommended that a staff member or a student remains in voluntary quarantine if they have returned to Finland from the high-risk area just before the start of school. While in quarantine or voluntary quarantine, teaching is carried out as remote teaching (teacher) or conditions are provided for distance learning (student).

Distance learning and remote teaching skills will be further developed on the basis of the experiences from last spring.

Upper secondary schools have been given general instructions on measures to prevent COVID-19 infections or actions if an illness is suspected. In addition, each upper secondary school has drawn up their own practical operating instructions.

Further information

Director of Upper Secondary School
Jorma Suonio Tel. 050 330 2078