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Tampere to have 2,150 first graders

Published 5.8.2020 17.42

Tampere welcomes 2,150 first graders this autumn. The school year will begin at Tampere’s comprehensive schools on Tuesday, 11 August 2020.

Pupils in a classroom

Approximately 18,200 pupils are starting their school year in Tampere’s comprehensive schools. This is advance information that concerns the comprehensive schools maintained by the city.

Preschool education is also starting its activities as the school year begins. Approximately 2,050 children born in 2014 will take part in preschool education provided by the City of Tampere. More information is available on the website of each school.

The autumn term starts out as contact teaching arranged and organised with special attention to safety. The city is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. If there are any new developments, changes can be quickly made to the operating methods of schools as necessary.

Many first-grade pupils begin their foreign language studies with something other than English

The pupils entering first grade picked their first foreign language (A1 language) over the spring and will begin learning it at the start of the autumn term.

Of the new pupils in Tampere, 35.8% picked something other than English as their first foreign language. All in all, teaching groups will be formed for six different A1 languages. Along with English, the other most popular languages were German (19%), French (8%) and Spanish (6%). Chinese and Russian will also be taught.

On average, there is significantly more variation in the A1 languages chosen by pupils in Tampere than in other parts of Finland. On a national level, the number of pupils choosing a language other than English is around 5%, while in Tampere it was over 30% during the last school year.

Tampere schools also offer a wide selection of A1 languages: first-graders can choose their first foreign language from a total of seven different languages. One of the goals of the wide selection is to promote equality among the pupils.

Children are introduced to foreign languages in early childhood education through playful and active language showers. At preschool, the pupils get to know the available A1 languages through play, songs, crafts, physical activity and games for about eight weeks.

The selected A1 language continues to be taught through activity throughout the first and second grades, which allows the children to learn the language without having to know how to read yet.

Highlighting opportunities for hobbies, information about emotional and safety skills

The focus areas for the school year 2020–2021 include encouraging pupils to read and promoting emotional, interactive and safety skills. Diverse opportunities for hobbies and exercise are also highlighted for children and young people.

The basic education curriculum has been updated with regard to evaluation, and the topic will be discussed with pupils, personnel and guardians alike throughout the school year.

When schools start, every road user needs to pay special attention to the traffic because there are multiple large and ongoing construction sites in the Tampere city area that affect traffic arrangements.

Further information

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