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Jenni Yppärilä´s exhibition at the Haihara Art Centre

Published 5.8.2020 16.34

Jenni Yppärilä’s exhibition Passing by at the Haihara Art Centre 8.8.–30.8. Since 2012 Yppärilä has been documenting built environments in Finland and elsewhere in the form on three-dimensional paintings.

Jenni Yppärilän kolmiulotteinen maalaus tamperelaisesta rakennuksesta.

Jenni Yppärilä combines painting and sculpture in her works. Since 2012, she has been documenting the built environment in Finland and abroad with her three-dimensional paintings. Yppärilä’s fascination with buildings primarily stems from a sociological perspective; to her, buildings represent the lived history and the lived present, societal values and change, as well as the social environment of the individual. Removed from their environment, the buildings are transformed from places you pass by to objects that you can examine as portraits of society and the individual living in it.

The exhibition entails pieces from Yppärilä’s previous production, as well as some of her latest works. The most recent work was created during Yppärilä’s residency at Haihara Art Centre in July 2020. The newest pieces depict buildings in Tampere and Helsinki – Yppärilä has processed them by dissecting and piercing through them. Buildings and the activities that go on in them are linked to the course of our own lives, to our everyday existence and personal history. Interfering with them may elicit varied emotional responses ranging from anger to indifference. The aim of the works is to awaken the viewer to reflect on the significance of buildings to a person.

Jenni Yppärilä (born 1980 in Oulainen) is an artist and a 2010 graduate of Aalto University, living and working in Helsinki. Her works are included in the collections of Kiasma, the Oulu Museum of Art, Pori Art Museum, Tampere Art Museum and Turku Art Museum.

Jenni Yppärilä’s exhibition Passing by is open from 8 August to 30 August 2020, Tue–Sun at 12:00 noon–6:00 p.m. in the main building at Haihara Art Centre.

The exhibition has been financially supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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Karoliina Paappa Tel. 044 481 1775

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