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Sports venues re-opening on 1 June

Published 3.6.2020 9.12

The indoor sports venues managed by the City of Tampere are re-opening from 1 June onwards. Furthermore, the previously ordered restrictions for the outdoor sports venues are being eased from the beginning of June onwards.


The 50-person restrictions for public events do not apply to the normal operations of indoor swimming pools and other sports venues. The restrictions do apply to any events potentially organised at the sports facilities. For example, regularly organised hydrobics and other instructed sports classes are regarded as normal activities and, therefore, the instructions by the Regional State Administrative Agency regarding limiting the number of people at public events do not apply to such activities. However, we would like to highlight that it is the responsibility of all visitors to adhere to the provided instructions in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Indoor sports facilities and gyms

The regular practice time reservations for indoor sports facilities were restored from 1 June onwards. The facilities can be used for normal practising but with a strong emphasis on the importance of maintaining good hygiene. It is recommended to wash hands both before and after the reserved practice time. Gym-goers are reminded to wipe the surfaces of the equipment used after working out. All unnecessary use of the changing rooms should be avoided.

Outdoor sports facilities

For outdoor sports facilities, the Regional State Administrative Agency’s decision of allowing public events of under 50 persons is being adhered to from 1 June onwards. Public events and gatherings with more than 50 persons can be organised in limited outdoor areas, but the maximum number of people allowed is 500 and the public event or gathering must be organised in line with the instructions by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The organiser of the training or other type of event is responsible for ensuring that the event is organised in line with the provided instructions, for issuing a statement about the event beforehand, if necessary, and for taking care of any special arrangements required for the event.


The changing rooms and lavatories on the beaches are re-opening from 1 June onwards. Persons enjoying the summer days on beaches are reminded to keep a safe distance from other visitors and to maintain good hygiene.