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Indoor swimming pools and the outdoor swimming pool of the City of Tampere re-opening on 1 June

Published 3.6.2020 8.58

The Tampere Swimming Centre, outdoor swimming pool and the Pyynikki indoor swimming pool are re-opening on 1 June.


Water treatment work is currently being carried out in the Tesoma indoor swimming pool and the balancing tanks are being replaced. The Tesoma indoor swimming pool will re-open on 27 July after the renovation work has been completed.

The re-opening of Tampere’s indoor swimming pools and the outdoor swimming pool will be carried out in line with the authorities’ guidelines. The swimmers are asked to keep a safe distance from other swimmers and to take good care of hygiene. For instance, hands should be actively washed and hand sanitiser should be used whenever necessary. Hand sanitiser is available at various hand sanitising points. The instructions of the National Institute for Health and Welfare and other authorities must be adhered to when visiting the indoor swimming pools and the outdoor swimming pool. Adults are responsible for ensuring that their children also adhere to the instructions. If ill, it is strictly forbidden to use the indoor swimming pools, the outdoor swimming pool and the swimming centre’s gym.

The wristbands and the outdoor swimming pool’s sun loungers are disinfected after every use. Additionally, a generally intensified cleaning program is being followed in the indoor swimming pool facilities and at the outdoor swimming pool.

Limited number of customers

For the time being, the indoor swimming pools and the outdoor swimming pool will allow a limited number of customers. The swimmers are recommended to use the pools for a maximum of two hours at a time in order to allow more swimmers to use the pools during the day. The number of swimmers is restricted to 10 persons per swim lane. The number of swimmers using the children’s pools and diving pools is also being limited. Children’s toys have also been removed from the children’s pools for hygiene reasons.

Joint use of the Tampere Swimming Centre and the outdoor swimming pool is currently unavailable

For hygiene reasons, the popular option of using both the swimming centre and the outdoor swimming pool is not available for the time being. The situation is being evaluated and, if possible, the option to use both swimming facilities will be brought back in the beginning of July. In the meanwhile, the swimming centre is offering extended discount hours until 2 p.m. on weekdays.

A wristband system has been introduced at the Pyynikki indoor swimming pool and the locker locks have been replaced with smart locks.

Reimbursements for serial and season tickets for the time of the coronavirus epidemic

The 2.5-month interruption caused by the coronavirus epidemic will be automatically reimbursed for all serial tickets, season tickets, special swim cards and wristbands as the card or wristband is being shown to the reader for the first time. If the card or wristband has expired during the interruption, any unused time will be credited up until the expiration date of the card or wristband. The use of any time credited due to the coronavirus does not begin on 1 June but on the date the card or wristband is being used for the first time after re-opening the swimming facility. It is possible to redeem any unused time until 31 May 2021. Otherwise, normal validity times apply to all serial and season tickets.