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Upper secondary schools in Tampere to organise spring ceremonies remotely

Published 15.5.2020 16.35

This spring, upper secondary schools in the City of Tampere will be organising their spring ceremonies over virtually. Upper secondary schools will have their own virtual spring ceremonies on Saturday 30 May at 10 a.m. Each upper secondary school will inform its own students more specifically about their own spring ceremony.

Matriculation certificates, diplomas and scholarships will be delivered to students by post. If a student has the possibility of collecting their matriculation certificate, diploma or possible scholarship in person, it is possible to arrange this in a staggered manner, if agreed with the school. When collecting matriculation certificates, diplomas or scholarships in person, the upper secondary schools may adhere to their established graduation practices and, for instance, reserve a rose for the graduate.

All uncollected diplomas will be posted to students in weeks 23–24. Upper secondary schools will inform their students more specifically about their respective graduation procedures for handing out matriculation certificates and diplomas.

According to the decision of the Vitality and Competitiveness Committee on 22 April 2020, upper secondary schools in the City of Tampere will continue with remote teaching until the end of the spring semester, 30 May 2020. On 4 May 2020, the Finnish Government, too, recommended that upper secondary schools have the opportunity to continue with remote teaching until the end of the spring semester.

At the end of the school year, each upper secondary school in Tampere may consider making its own plans for, for instance, the group tutors to meet with their group in a staggered manner, in line with the valid limitations for gathering and by considering safety regulations.

Further information

Manager, upper secondary education
Jorma Suonio Tel. 050 330 2078

Text Johanna Toivanen