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Pick-up of reserved items starts in five libraries on 11 May 2020

Published 11.5.2020 10.28

Tampere City Library units will open on 1 June. However, customers can pick up their reservations from the Main Library Metso as well as Sampola, Hervanta, Lielahti and Koilliskeskus libraries already starting from Monday 11 May.

Books at the library.

On 4 May 2020, the Government issued guidelines for the libraries to gradually open in a controlled manner starting from 1 June. Furthermore, the libraries are immediately allowed to loan out items (in a take away manner). The Regional State Administrative Agencies also issued guidelines for libraries on 7 May, based on which it is possible to immediately launch the pick-up of reserved items. However, spaces that are not necessary for loaning must be kept closed and spending time in a library and other library activities are allowed only after 1 June. Each municipality will make their own decisions on launching the pick-up and the content of the pick-up service.

In Tampere City Library units, the pick-up of items will be launched in the Main Library Metso as well as Sampola, Hervanta, Lielahti and Koilliskeskus libraries on Monday 11 May. Customers can pick up their reserved items after receiving the reservation notification from the libraries in question on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We have received a tremendous number of wishes concerning the opening of libraries from our customers, so we are pleased that we can start loaning activities with the pick-up service already in May. Some of our employees are still working in the social and health care services, but with good planning and flexibility of our staff we can make this happen. We have a great number of customers in Tampere. It is important that reservations are picked up before the actual opening, since we have about ten thousand reservations waiting for pick-up," says Pirkko Lindberg, Director of the Unit of Libraries and Adult Education Centres.

Return chutes are open in all libraries

In May, it is only permitted to quickly pick up the reserved items from the library, while other spaces, such as reading rooms, costumer computers, children’s department and customer toilet are not in use. Customers should loan items by themselves using self-service kiosks. It is also not possible to pay library fees in the library. The library fees must be paid using the PIKI online services.

In addition to the pick-up service, the return chutes of all libraries are now open and customers can use them to return their items. The Koukkuniemi library is the only library which does not have a return chute. However, there is no need to return the items quickly, since the due dates of all loans expiring during the lockdown have been automatically postponed beyond the lockdown. Reservation picked up after 11 May have a normal loan period.

Special attention is paid to the safety of library customers and staff. Customers are requested to take care of their hand hygiene and keep a sufficient distance to other people when visiting the library. Customers must not come to the library while ill. The libraries offering the pick-up service are also prepared to limit the number of customers allowed inside the library at the same time in order to ensure the safety of the visit.

Customers can receive guidance on the library services by telephone or through the PIKI online service chat.