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Advice on Coronavirus also in Arabic, Persian and Russian by telephone

Published 14.4.2020 15.24

The City of Tampere has opened a counselling line in Arabic, Persian and Russian. The residents of Tampere and Orivesi speaking Arabic, Persian and Russian can ask for advice in matter of medical care and to know how to act if you suspect having got Coronavirus infection.

Suurennettuja koronaviruksia.

Release updated 11/3/2020:
Multilingual Counselling in Arabic, Persian and Somali has ended. Counseling in Russian continues.

Phone calls are answered by the Tampere City Client Counsellor who is assisted by the nurses of the Health care counselling.

Multilingual Counselling Service is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.:

  • Coronavirus counselling in Arabic, telephone 044 486 3635 (no longer in use)
  • Coronavirus counselling in Persian, telephone 041 730 3862 (no longer in use)
  • Coronavirus counselling in Russian, telephone 040 163 2858

It is also possible to call the Coronavirus Counselling Service with Neuvoo-application or with video-phone calls. The Neuvoo-application can be loaded free from Android and Apple shops. When the line is occupied, you can also leave a request to call you back.

Phone calls made to Neuvoo are free of charge. Concerning other phone calls, you have to pay normal phone call fees charged by the operator.

Coronavirus counselling will later be offered also in Somali.

On the Tampere City web pages you can find collected information on the Coronavirus not only in Finnish and in English but also in various other languages:

Further information

Director of Talent Attraction and Migration Mari Taverne Tel. 040 801 2686

The Health care counselling
Nurse Terhi Siili