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City of Tampere offers food aid to children in early childhood and basic education

Published 6.4.2020 12.44

The Finnish government announced on March 30th that the safety precautions to restrict the coronavirus from spreading will continue until May 13th. City of Tampere services follow the guidelines set by the government, and distance learning will continue until May 13th. The City of Tampere is prepared to continue distance learning until the end of the academic year, if the situation so requires.

School meals are offered to the children in classroom instruction, and for those in distance learning who have asked for a school meal.

Early childhood education units will continue working. However, both the Government and the City of Tampere strongly recommend that children are taken care of at home, if at all possible.

Each student in early childhood and basic education has the right to a free school meal. Students in distance learning can eat lunch Mon - Fri 12.30 - 13.00 at the nearest open school, by signing up with their own principal.

In addition, the City of Tampere will start offering prepackaged meals to students who need them. All meals will be lactose free, and cooled down before pickup. For safety reasons, the city is unable to offer food for any special diets at this time.

These meals will be offered for pickup twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from ten different schools around Tampere. The pickup points are the following schools: Tesoma, Lielahti, Kämmenniemi, Linnainmaa, Karonen, Ahvenisjärvi, Vuores, Talvitie, Aleksanteri, Sampo. If it is not possible for the family to pick up the food, help with delivery is available.

The food aid is available for basic education student, preschool students, and children under the age of 6. The principals have sent a message to all guardians and ask them to fill in the form by Tuesday Apr 7th, if they need food aid for their children.