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Companies and organisations can apply for an interest-free payment period from the City of Tampere

Published 2.4.2020 11.21

The City of Tampere grants adjusted interest-free payment periods to companies and organisations to help them in financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Companies and organisations must request a payment period extension themselves.


If a company or organisation proposes it, the City of Tampere will postpone the due dates for invoices sent to the company and organisation, including leases for land and premises, until 30 June 2020. In this case, the postponement will not accumulate any penalty interest. However, the payment period extension does not apply to receivables that are already subject to recovery procedures.

The City of Tampere will take a stand on the possibility of temporarily reducing leases or granting payment exemptions later when the acute effects of the coronavirus epidemic have become clearer. The city’s goal is to help Tampere-based companies overcome the worst difficulties.

Contact the sender of the invoice by email

If a customer wants to apply for an interest-free payment period, they can contact the sender of the invoice. On request, the payment of the invoice can be postponed and a new due date can be determined. It should be noted that the payment period can be extended only for invoices that have already been sent to the company. All invoices for the spring cannot be postponed in advance as they have not been entered in the system yet.

Due date postponement requests are to be sent primarily to Monetra by email, to the address laskutus.pirkanmaa(at) with “korona/maksuaika" as the message subject. You can also call the service number +358 (0)3 565 64465 or the contact person’s telephone number given on the invoice.

The email message must contain the following information: the company or organisation being invoiced (the name of the invoice recipient), the customer number, the invoice number, the new due date and the name of the name of the city’s unit that has sent the invoice.

Further information
Monetra Pirkanmaa
or tel. +358 (0)3 565 64465

Text Raija Lindell