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The City of Tampere supports businesses and organisations during the coronavirus crisis

Published 1.4.2020 12.28

The City of Tampere is undertaking measures to mitigate the direct consequences caused by the coronavirus for companies and organisations, particularly before those consequences lead to financial crisis. The City Board decided on the matter on 30 March 2020.

If a company or organisation proposes it, the City of Tampere will postpone the due dates for invoices sent to the company and organisation as well as leases for land and premises until 30 June 2020. The postponement will not accumulate any penalty interest. The City Board approved the decision taken by the management team for disruptive situations on 26 March.

The city will pay its purchase invoices from small and medium-sized businesses immediately after they have been received and approved until 30 June. The City of Tampere will also investigate the possibility of speeding up procurements from small and medium-sized businesses that have already been approved for this year.

Once the coronavirus situation has been comprehensively examined, the City of Tampere will take a stand on the possibility of temporarily reducing leases. This will be relevant in situations where, for example, the city has ordered culture and exercise premises to be closed and, therefore, entrepreneurs who lease premises in those locations have also been ordered to close their businesses (e.g. a restaurant or gym).

Entrepreneurs have the right to cancel service agreements with the City of Tampere if the city does not need the service for a period that is longer than three months and the service agreement prevents the entrepreneur from using their resources elsewhere (e.g. school transport entrepreneurs).

In cooperation with Council of Tampere Region, Business Finland, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät and Business Tampere, the city is setting up a joint service number for businesses to answer questions related to support during the coronavirus epidemic. The City of Tampere is also prepared to assist other authorities in processing applications related to business support.

The city will also assess the option of not claiming back allowances that have already been granted for 2020 even if the purpose of the allowance has changed because of the coronavirus or the time of use of the allowance must be changed or extended.

The City Board is monitoring the situation and will now handle other potential business support measures and how to target them in the most effective manner.

Teksti: Anna-Maria Maunu

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