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The freedom of choice pilot in health centre services ended in September

Published 1.10.2019 12.45

The freedom of choice pilot in health centre services in Tampere has ended on 30th September. The customers have been transferred back to a city health centre or an outsourced health centre starting from 1 October 2019.

Valokuva: Korvatutkimus käynnissä.

Customers participating in the pilot had opportunity to select a new health centre for themselves until 15 September 2019. If you did not make a choice by 15 September 2019, you have been automatically transferred to the health centre determined by your home address starting from 1 October 2019. You can check your health centre from External linkThe health centre search (Page only in Finnish) at or by calling the health care counselling service at 03 10023.

After the freedom of choice pilot ends, customers who participated in it will be subject to the same rules as all other residents of Tampere. For instance, the pilot allowed you to change health centres every three months, but after the pilot it is only possible to change it after a year has passed since the last change.

Approximately 3,000 residents participating in the pilot that started in spring 2017 changed their health centre in Tampere. In Tampere, the pilot was restricted to postal code areas 33530 and 33710, which have approximately 22,700 residents.

Further information

Project Manager Eeva-Kaisa Mäkinen Tel. 040 675 3147

Project planner Antti Markkola Tel. 040 674 4196

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