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Business mentoring program for local entrepreneurs -

Published 13.9.2019 9.09

City of Tampere is looking for entrepreneurs to join the business mentoring programme.

Starting from Spring 2019 the City of Tampere has offered a unique business mentoring program for local entrepreneurs facing challenges in business life. The mentoring model is settled on a co-creation approach between goverment, universities in Tampere and Pirkanmaa Business Mentor Association.

Business Mentoring Programme is benchmarking of the Rotterdam Business Case, where university student with fresh ideas and practical approach together with experienced senior mentor is helping entrepreneur to develop his/her business. Process has been built and developed during year 2018. There pilot included 8 entrepreneurs with migrant background. Results of the pilot were promising - one of the biggest assets of the guidance was entrepreneurs’ having a wider perspective to their business issues and future activities.

Program is organized in rounds. At the moment there are 11 entrepreneurs participating the program and receiving guidance. The challenges for entrepreneurs are, for example, creating a business model and marketing strategy, customer acquisition, productisation etc. Mentoring lasts for 6 months and is free of charge. Entrepreneur is expected to have a pro-active approach to the process and organize frequent meetings with mentors.

During September there will be active selection process going on for the new round starting in November. Apply now by filling application form behind this link: External linkApplication form

Participation are prioritized by the application date.

Further information

Business Coordinator
Ramona Bilmez Tel. +358406859853