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Down by the Lake 14 years of Tampere-Düsseldorf-Artist-in-Residence Programme is open at Haihara Art Center 10.8.-1.9.2019

Published 30.7.2019 13.52

The Haihara Art Center will exhibit a contemporary art exhibition from August 10th to September 1st 2019 Down by the Lake -14 Years of Tampere-Düsseldorf Artist-in-Residence-programme. The art exhibition features a wide variety of works by contemporary artists from Pirkanmaa and Düsseldorf.



Although they are separated by more than 1,500 kilometers, Tampere and Düsseldorf – viewed from the perspective of art – have moved together on sight: For 14 years, an Artist-in-Residence- programme has been bringing a Finnish artist to the Rhine every year. In exchange, an artist from Germany is given the opportunity to discover the southwestern Finnish metropolis between Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi.

In addition to the artistic output that has been documented in numerous exhibitions in both cities, the program also bears fruit in human terms: Friendships were created that have intensified over the years.

It is in the nature of any programme that interim reviews are taken from time to time. A first group exhibition of former fellows took place in 2010 in the Art Center Mältinranta and in the Düsseldorf Consum. The second is now beginning at the Haihara Art Center. The return visit of the Finnish artists is planned for August of the year 2020.

Artists in exhibition: Ralf Brück, Nina Fandler, Anna Hyrkkänen, Mikko Kallio, Gesine Kikol, Ubbo Kügler, Yin Ming-Ming, Katri Mononen, Arto Nurro, Mia Saharla, Juhani Tuomi, Anna Weber.

Exhibition is open 10.8.-1.9.2019 Tuesday to Sunday 12 am.-18 pm.

Exhibition is produced by City of Tampere Cultural Affairs and City of Düsseldorf.

Exhibition is admission free.

Further information:
Jarno Vesala Tel. +358407035744

Further information

Rauha Aaltonen Tel. +358 40 801 6696

Text Rauha Aaltonen

Photos Yin Ming-Ming