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Summer opening hours and leisure time tips in the Summer Calendar

Published 19.6.2019 14.01

Even though the summer is quietening down the city streets and changing the opening hours of services, Tampere will provide a multitude of services to its residents in the summer months as well. Using the summer calendar, you can check which social and health services centres will be open and look up the opening hours of libraries and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Tampere in summer is full of festivals and other events where you can make the greatest memories to look back on in the wintertime.

Summer feelings in Eteläpuisto park

There are numerous outdoor exercise and hiking areas in and around Tampere where you can enjoy summer nature on short day trips or longer hikes. The Kintulammi hiking area located in Teisko, 21 km from Tampere city centre, offers a total of 15 km of hiking trails and a kilometer of duckboard trails. The trails have signs made from reflective materials. There are four different lean-tos in the area along with woodsheds and one campfire site without a shelter as well as outhouses.

The information service for sports and exercise facilities will provide up-to-date information about the water temperatures and algae situation of the lakes. If you are not tempted by lake waters, the Tampere Swimming Centre in Kaleva will be open all summer, as well as the Tampere Outdoor Swimming Pool situated beside the swimming centre. You can find out about the summer opening hours of indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the Summer Calendar.

The summer workouts for senior citizens and those of working age offer guided walks, stretching, water aerobics and workouts using chairs every day at various locations around the city. Children who are not able to swim (at least 5 years old) can attend free beach swim schools in natural waters in July.

The summer opening hours of libraries are shorter than those of the winter season, but all libraries will remain open during the summer months.

Summer opening hours and further information about cultural and other events can be found in the Summer Calendar:

Photos Elina Pynnönen