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Opening walk at the new Koukkujärvi lake nature trail in Vuores on 16 May

Published 14.5.2019 9.19

The duckboards around Koukkujärvi lake in Vuores are now complete. Duckboards were constructed in the wettest areas of the trail, and information signs that describe the area’s natural environment were installed along the trail. An opening nature trail walk will be organised on Thursday, 16 May 2019 at 5 p.m. The start is from the end of Koukkuaurankatu.

kuva: Pitkospuita rakennetaan Koukkujärven ympäri.

Guides are Nature Doctor, Curator at Tampere Museum of Natural History Tomi Kumpulainen and biologist, mushroom expert Lasse Kosonen. You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature at Koukkujärvi lake guided by leading experts.

The tour is approximately 1.5 kilometres long, so it’s also suitable for children. Part of the trail is in a nature conservation area. The request to build a nature trail came up in the UNaLab initiative workshops last spring, where the area’s residents participated in developing the recreational areas as well as the management of drainage water in a way that is based on the nature of Vuores. Markings for the trail were discussed with the Vuores resident’s association. The duckboards and information signs were installed by Ekokumppanit nature services with help from the Vuores resident’s association, members of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and Sarka in Tampere.

Further information

Project Manager Maarit Särkilahti Tel. 040 538 6535

Project Planner Salla Leppänen Tel. 044 423 5406