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Customer feedback: Social and health services receive a school grade of 8.7

Published 30.1.2019 15.50

Customers of the City of Tampere’s social and health services (non-institutional and housing services) were very satisfied with the quality of the services. During 2018, 42,000 instances of feedback were collected using customer feedback devices at 37 locations. The overall feedback score received by social and health services is equivalent to a school grade of 8.7. Among customers, 72% would recommend the service to their friends or family. The result remained at a level similar to last year’s.

Taaperoikäinen hammashoidon terveystarkastuksessa.

Customers were asked to select a number on a scale of 0–10 to indicate how likely they would be to recommend the service. Those who selected 9 or 10 were considered to be recommenders. Recommenders were asked a further question on what they had liked about the service. Others were asked how the service could be improved.

The positives that were mentioned much more often than anything else were the treatment of customers (14,061 times) and the personnel’s expertise (10,457). The most often identified areas for improvement were the speed of accessing the service (2,808) and the appointment booking process (1,857), although over 6,000 recommenders were happy with the speed of accessing the service and 4,650 with the appointment booking process.

The diabetes outpatient clinic received excellent feedback

The group that used the customer feedback devices the most was health centre customers, who gave over 17,000 instances of feedback. 11,600 instances of feedback were given to oral health care, and other health care services received nearly 7,000 instances of feedback. The feedback is used to study customers’ experiences of the services and to improve those services.

The highest score was received by the diabetes outpatient clinic. It received 86 points on a scale of -100–100, which would be about 9.6 if represented as a school grade. Second place was shared by the distribution point for medical supplies and the unit for monitoring infectious diseases and preventing infections, both of which received a score of 81 points. Next were the Hatanpää physiotherapy unit and the Kämmenniemi Health Centre with 77 points each.

The diabetes outpatient clinic has received the best customer feedback score out of all non-institutional and housing services for several years. Tea Vatanen, Head Nurse, says that special expert work is carried out at the diabetes outpatient clinic. This makes the clinic’s personnel feel that the work is meaningful and helps them stay motivated.

“The clinic’s personnel have embraced the idea that we are here for our customers. We use the customer’s perspective as a starting point for all improvement efforts. We analyse feedback regularly, and everyone tries to come up with suggestions for improvement. This high work motivation is seen in our work and our customers give us positive feedback because of it. We also invest in intra-clinic training and are able to keep up with the latest developments thanks to that," says Vatanen.

Diabetesvastaanoton henkilökunta
According to customer feedback, the diabetes outpatient clinic offers five-star service.

You can keep track of the feedback given to the City of Tampere’s social and health services via the customer feedback devices in real time on the City of Tampere website. On the website, you can view the average scores of the feedback given in the past 30 days for all of the 37 locations that have a customer feedback device.

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