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Irjala’s new day care centre and school building welcomed its first users in January

Published 15.1.2019 16.20

A new day care centre and school building has been completed in the Irjala district of Tampere. The building welcomed its first users at the beginning of 2019. The new unit provides facilities for a day care centre with places for 160 children, a preschool and grades 1 and 2 in basic education. Two other new day care centres will also be opened in Tampere in early 2019.

Irjalan päiväkoti ja koulu ulkoapäin pihasta kuvattuna

The new two-storey building was built on a plot previously occupied by the old Irjala day care centre at Irjalankuja. The large old firs on the site were preserved.

The new building houses a day care centre with places for 160 children. The operations of the Irjala day care centre were moved to the new building from the temporary facilities on Pekankatu. The day care centre also provides open early childhood education and care. The new building will also house two preschool groups, adding up to a total of around 50 children.

Four classrooms in the building are reserved for basic education. Two first grade groups from Takahuhti School were transferred to the classrooms, and two more groups will begin their studies at the new school building at the beginning of the 2019 autumn term.

New day care centres also for Haukiluoma and Kämmenniemi

A new day care centre was also opened in the district of Haukiluoma at the beginning of 2019. The new day care centre in Kämmenniemi will open in February.

The new Haukiluoma day care centre opened at Runkokatu on 7 January 2019. The new day care centre, with facilities for 160 children, replaces the old Haukiluoma day care centre, which has been operating at temporary facilities.

The Kämmenniemi day care centre will also be able to move to new facilities in February 2019 when the new day care centre building, which has places for 84 children and is located next to the Kämmenniemi School, is completed. The new day care centre was built right next to the school, and the buildings are connected so that the school can be accessed from the day care centre without needing to go outside. The day care centre will have its own outdoors area, and the children will also use the day care centre’s premises during mealtimes.

The facilities of all the new units are adaptable and suitable for flexible use. The facilities can also be used during evenings. The Irjala unit also houses a gymnasium.

Text Johanna Toivanen

Photos Pirjo Kyösti