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Changes to library penalty fees in 2019

Published 18.12.2018 16.35

Fees charged for overdue loans will increase in Tampere at the beginning of next year. In addition, the limit for a loan ban will be lowered in all libraries in the PIKI area.

Kirjastovirkailija palvelee asiakasta pääkirjasto Metsossa

The fee for overdue loans at Tampere City Library will change as of 2 January 2019. The new fee is €0.30/loan/day. The previous fee was €0.25/loan/day. The fee for overdue Vippi loans is €0.50/loan/day, as before. The fees for overdue loans will not change in other PIKI libraries.

PIKI libraries do not charge a fee for overdue loans from the children and youth department or for items borrowed by persons under 15 years old, with the exception of Vippi loans. All reservations are free of charge, but €1/reservation will be charged for any uncollected reservations. Regional reservations are still subject to a fee that is charged when an item is transported from one PIKI municipality to another. The fee is €2.

Online payments available

The limit for a loan ban will be lowered as of 2 January 2019 in all PIKI libraries, from €20 to €15. When a customer’s fees exceed 15 euros, they may not borrow items before the fee has been paid. The top limit for the fee for an individual overdue loan will also be increased. The new top limit for the fee is €9/loan as of 2 January 2019. The top limit used to be €5/loan.

Customers can pay their fees at all PIKI libraries regardless of where the fees have been caused. In addition, fees to the libraries in Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Vesilahti, Kangasala, Pirkkala, Nokia, Pälkäne and Valkeakoski can be paid online by logging into the PIKI online service. The minimum fee that can be paid online is €1.

Further information

PIKI Libraries Coordinator
Pirjo Järvinen Tel. 040 800 7829

Tampere City Library
Head of Lending Services Anu Virtanen Tel. 040 7743 706

Text Emma Salmi

Photos Opa Latvala