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The effects of the strike on the City of Tampere’s catering and sanitation services on 22 and 23 October

Published 19.10.2018 12.17

The strike will affect the catering and sanitation services at many schools, day care centres and educational institutes on Monday 22 October and Tuesday 23 October. There will be changes in the menu and we are not able to deliver special diet meals everywhere. We recommend bringing your own snacks that can be stored at room temperature.

Empty plates in school dining room.

The strike will not affect catering services at hospitals, retirement homes, housing and home meal services as well as different special groups, such as the disabled. Meals are prepared and delivered to the customers as usual. The service centres for senior citizens will also function as usual.

The strike will not affect the following day care centres: Lepola, Kukkapelto, Multisilta, Peltolampi, Härmälä, Kämmenniemi, Talvitie, Tuomikuja and Rantaperkiö. Meals are served almost as usual at the following shift and evening care centres: Vellamo, Ankkari, Näsinpuisto, Pulmunen and Tesoma. The children will receive a warm meal and necessary special diet meals are also available.

Other day care centres offer cereal, milk, yogurt, berry soup, bread and fruit. Porridge will be offered as lunch. Special diet meals will unfortunately not be available. If your child follows a special diet, we recommend that you pack snacks that can be stored at room temperature.

The strike will not affect the following schools and special diet meals will also be available: Etelä-Hervanta, Hatanpää, Härmälä, Peltolammi, Kämmenniemi, Terälahti, Talvitie, Kalevanpuisto, Hatanpää upper secondary school and Tredu’s Sammonkatu, Metsätie, Mediapolis, Pirkkala, Kangasala, Orivesi, Lempäälä, Nokia Kivimiehenkatu and Virrat locations.

We recommend that students in other schools and educational institutions bring their own snacks that can be stored at room temperature. As a supplement to the snacks, we offer berry soup or juice, fruit and bread.

The selection may vary according to location and it may be changed. Information will be supplemented according to the situation. Please follow the City of Tampere’s communications on the matter.

Schools and day care centres aim to ensure a basic level of sanitation. In other places, sanitation continues to work almost as usual.

Further information

Tiina Tamiola Tel. 040 719 3998

Text Anna-Maria Maunu