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Tampere to have 2,000 first graders

Published 6.8.2018 10.50

Tampere welcomes 2,000 first graders this autumn. The school year will begin at Tampere’s comprehensive schools on Thursday, 9 August 2018.


Approximately 17,450 pupils are starting their schoolwork in Tampere’s comprehensive schools. This is advance information that concerns the comprehensive schools maintained by the city.

Preschool education is also starting its activities as the school year begins. Around 2,140 children born in 2012 will participate in preschool education organised by the City of Tampere.

The implementation of the new basic education curriculum is progressing according to the national schedule: year 8 pupils in the basic education will transfer to the new curriculum during autumn 2018. In the beginning of the school year 2019–2020, the last grade, i.e. year 9 pupils, will transfer to the new curriculum. Other grades have already implemented the new curriculum.

When schools start, every road-user needs to pay special attention to the traffic because there are several ongoing construction sites in the Tampere city area which affect traffic arrangements.

Construction of the second phase of Vuores school is ongoing; Etelä-Hervanta school will move to a temporary location at TUT

There will be construction work in many of Tampere’s day care centres and schools next autumn. A large and significant construction initiative is the second phase of Vuores school, which is now ongoing. The building will be completed in autumn 2019. The number of pupils in Vuores is experiencing heavy growth. Once the building is completed, Vuores school offers space for approximately 1,000 basic education 1–9 graders.

In Etelä-Hervanta, approximately 850 preschoolers and basic education 1–9 graders will be studying in the Konetalo building at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) from autumn onwards. TUT’s spaces will function as a temporary location for the school as Etelä-Hervanta school is closed due to indoor air problems. The spaces that the school will use have been transformed into class rooms, and they will include, among other things, a canteen specifically for the basic education pupils. Operations at the Pelipuisto school centre will continue as usual.

The new day care centre that was added to Tesoma’s new school centre is now completed. Tesoma day care centre will be relocated to these new facilities in August.

The additional building at Johannes school centre is taken in use and Lielahti’s modernisation is about to be completed

At Juhannuskylä school, the additional building at Johannes school building is now completed and it will be taken in use as school starts. The additional building fits 125 pupils and will be used by Jussinkylä day care centre’s preschoolers, grades 1–2 and preparatory education pupils.

Modernisation work will be started in day care centres and school buildings, and many earlier locations will be completed. At Lielahti school, the modernisation of the stone school was completed during the summer, and the modernisation of the wooden school will be completed by autumn holiday.

Modernisation of the ventilation system is planned for Lentävänniemi school, and the construction will start around October–November. During the renovation, the school will be relocated to a temporary location on the Lielahti school plot. Construction will be carried out in two phases and will last for approximately one year.

Olkahinen day care centre will move to a temporary location on a nearby field in October. The Olkahinen school building will also operate in its own temporary location until the new Olkahinen school building is completed. The project planning of the building will start after the summer.

Modernisation of Sampo day care centre will be completed in August. At the same time, operations at Domus day care centre will end, and the children and personnel will move to Sampo day care centre with 7 groups. Modernisation of Linnainmaa day care centre will begin in the autumn. The operations of the day care centre will move to a temporary location that will be completed on the Linnainmaa school plot in August.

Day care centres and schools will notify of the arrangements during the construction in more detail directly to the guardians and pupils.

Further information

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Text Johanna Toivanen

Photos Opa Latvala