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Information on swimming water temperatures and the blue-green algae situation in Tampere can be checked from the map service

Published 11.6.2018 16.23

Just like last summer, this year you can follow up-to-date information on swimming water temperatures in Tampere from the mSwim service from 4 June to 17 August 2018. This map-based service also offers information on the blue-green algae situation on beaches. You can find the temperature and blue-green algae situation service from

Pyynikki beach

There are 14 beaches and 17 places to swim in Tampere. Information to the service is provided by Tampere Infrastructure Production which regularly inspects the beaches and swimming areas. These inspections include monitoring equipment, tidiness, water temperature and possible blue-green algae on the beach. The blue-green algae situation is monitored sensorially.

The temperature and blue-green algae situation will be updated in themSwim service more frequently for popular beaches, and for smaller beaches after each inspection. If blue-green algae is observed on a beach, the location of the beach is marked in yellow on the map (small amount of algae) or red (a lot of algae). If there is no algae observed on the beach, the location is marked in green. A warning sign is always placed on beaches where algae is observed.

Guards with life saving skills on the Pyynikki and Rauhaniemi beaches

There are hired summer cleaners on the busiest beaches who send water temperature and algae situation information to the mSwim map service. Cleaning staff will be present Mondays to Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. on the beaches at Alasjärvi, Eliander, Hervantajärvi, Kaukajärvi-Riihiniemi, Kämmenniemi, Peltolammi, Pyynikki, Rauhanniemi, Suolijärvi, Suomensaari, Tahmela, Tesomajärvi and Tohloppi. Guards with life saving skills are present only on the Pyynikki and Rauhanniemi beaches on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. from 4 June to 27 July 2018.

Authorities also monitor the blue-green algae situation and you can follow the results at Järviwiki: External (in Finnish)
Approximately 3–4 samples are taken from the swimming beaches every summer, depending on the number of beach users. The hygiene quality of the swimming water, i.e. the number of intestinal bacteria in the sample is examined in a laboratory. Tampere Infrastructure Production visits the beaches and takes the water samples. The results are available on the beaches and on the City of Tampere website.

Changes in swimming beach conditions

The renewed Kaupinoja beach, which was closed for two years due to the construction work in the Kauppi area, has now been opened. Swimmers should note that the profile of the beach has changed; the beach is now steeper than it used to be. The beach on the Peltolammin Uimala side has also been enhanced, while the old quay has been removed and a new quay is ready to be used. The Tahmela beach has new bathing huts that are available throughout the summer.

If you fancy some snacks, there are summer kiosks on the beaches at Eliander, Kaukajärvi Riihiniemi and Uimala, Peltolammi Uimala, Pyynikki, Rauhaniemi and Suolijärvi.

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