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Six health centres in Tampere open throughout the summer

Published 28.5.2018 14.30

Six city health centres will serve the people of Tampere throughout the summer: Hatanpää, Hervanta, Linnainmaa, Tammelakeskus, Tipotie, and Oma lääkärisi Tesoma. Also the Orivesi health centre will be open all summer.

Valokuva: Verenpaineen mittaaminen Hervannan terveysasemalla.

The other health centres, i.e. the Kaukajärvi, Kämmenniemi, and Lielahti will be closed for five weeks from the beginning of July. All health centres will again be open according to their regular opening hours from Monday 6 August 2018 onwards.

The outsourced Omapihlaja Kehräsaari and Omapihlaja Hervanta health centres will be closed from 11 July–31 July.

When these centres are closed, patients will be directed for treatment at the open city health centres. You can make an appointment by calling the health services information and advice line 03 10023, which is open every day from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Only patients requiring urgent care will be treated during the period 2 July–5 August. Now is a good moment to check that you have renewed your prescriptions for the summer and that you have all vaccinations and medical certificates needed for your travels before health centres’ summer closure in July. The easiest way to renew a prescription is through the service.

You can pre-book appointments for health centre nurses also during the summer closure. Nurses assess the required treatment, if any, and attend to minor injuries and illnesses. They can also write certificates for short sick leaves and provide treatment instructions.

Normal appointments will resume in mid-July.

Exceptional summer opening hours of the city social and health services can all be found in the address

Further information

Chief Physician Kati Myllymäki Tel. 040 801 6905

Text Marika Haapala

Photos Opa Latvala