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The Culture Carnival will start activities in Laikku and Rulla on 28 April

Published 18.4.2018 11.28

The renovation of the old library has been completed on schedule. The decoration and moving work have been completed, and the building will reopen as the renewed Culture House Laikku on Saturday, 28 April with a large opening ceremony carnival. In the event, Laikku will demonstrate its versatility and take charge of the cultural centre, the surrounding park and the recently renovated Laikunlava from 10 am to 6 pm with its colourful programme.

Culture House Laikku opening April 28

The event is for people of all ages, and you may encounter circus artists wandering among the crowd, moving artworks and characters from fairy tales. Laikunlava and Laikku Music Hall will host concerts, dances and various performances throughout the day. The list of artists includes Paleface, Etno-Emma award-winning Maija Kauhanen, children’s music band Orffit, Eila Roine, Puppet theater Taiga-Matto, the kids of Sorin Sirkus, bands from Wärjäämö and Vimmart called Grilli and Itämainen cocktail, and lots of others. In the afternoon, you can dance to the music of Pispalan Sottiisi, Indian Dance Festival and Inclusion Finland KVTL.

The opening ceremony of the Children's Cultural Centre Rulla on the ground floor of Laikku will begin with the unveiling of the Rulla statue. The first exhibition on the new premises will be a production by the Cultural Centre Valve, a colourful and imaginative exhibition called Unikudelmia. In the opening ceremony, you can also feel the atmosphere of the new experience room or participate in various art workshops. In the workshops, you can print Rulla tote bags, create and print your own stories in a book and craft imaginative characters who live in the Flat Tree.

You can do more than just sit and watch in the Laikku opening ceremony: a circus tent will be set up in the yard, where you can learn different kinds of tricks with the assistance of instructors, and an area for creating graffiti will be set up close to the Laikunlava, where everyone can try out their skills in street art safely and lawfully. The art, drama and singing workshops are arranged both indoors and outdoors in the park.

Laikku will be opened ceremonially by the former library director Tuula Martikainen and Emil Aaltonen, brought back to life in the performance of Auvo Vihro.

The opening ceremony will continue with the evening programme from 6 pm to 10 pm, when the park will be taken over by the Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat skateboarders.

It is advisable to use public transport or the parking halls in the city centre. The event venue is non-smoking and alcohol- and drug-free. Some of the outdoor events might be cancelled in the event of bad weather. Only a limited number of people can participate in the performances and activities arranged indoors, which means that access to these events might be restricted. Accessible entrance to Laikku is located at the end of the building next to Laikunlava. The main entrance to Rulla and the pram park are located at the end of the building next to the theatre.

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Jaakko Laurila

Text Jaakko Laurila

Photos Janne Järvinen, Tanja Ritvanen