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Tesoma Wellbeing Centre to open on 9 April

Published 27.3.2018 7.05

Tesoma Wellbeing Centre in Tampere will be the new place for encounters for the residents of Tesoma. The centre houses city services from a library to a health centre, all under one roof. The new wellbeing centre and its services will open in connection with the Wester business centre (Tesomankatu 4 A) on Monday, 9 April 2018.

Valokuva: Tesoman hyvinvointikeskus talvella

The first floor will house a library with a reading room, a café, a youth centre, counselling and information desk, shared multi-purpose premises and Fimlab’s laboratory that will serve by appointment from Monday to Friday at 07:30–13:00 ( Telephone number for the library: 040 800 7819, youth centre: 040 806 2311 and information desk: 044 423 5590.

The second floor contains the premises of Tesoma’s maternity and child health clinic and the Tesoma dental clinic. The health clinics of Tesoma, Villilä and Haukiluoma will move to the premises, and because of the move, the clinics are closed on 5–6 April. The health clinics’ telephone numbers will remain the same.

The dental clinic offers oral health care services for children as well as adults. The dental clinics of Lamminpää and Tesomajärvi School will transfer to the wellbeing centre.

The dental clinic at Tesomajärvi School will close on 6 April, the operations in Lamminpää will continue until 31 May.

Book an appointment for dental health care from Monday to Friday at 08:00–17:00 from the telephone number 03 5657 0100. Urgent dental health care: Mon–Fri at 08:00–18:00, tel. 03 5657 0111 and Mon–Fri at 18:00–21:00 and Sat, Sun and bank holidays at 07:00–21:00 health services counselling tel. 03 10023.

New appointment booking telephone number for the Tesoma Health Centre

The third floor of the centre will house the Tesoma Health Centre. After the move, the health centre’s appointment booking will change. From 9 April onwards, appointments at the Tesoma health centre can be booked from Monday to Friday at 08:00–16:00 on the telephone number 040 663 4499 by leaving a call back request. If your case is urgent, you can come to the on-duty nurse’s reception without a booked appointment. Patients with urgent issues are served in queuing order.

The operations of the Tesoma Health Centre on Turvesuonkatu and the temporary premises in Tipotie and Lielahtikeskus will terminate on 29 March. Before the opening of the wellbeing centre on 3–6 April, patients in need of urgent care are treated at the Lielahti Health Centre where appointments can be booked through the health services counselling on 03 10023.

In the future, the Kalkku area will be within the scope of the Tesoma Health Centre but the treatment of those living on Epilänharju will continue at the Tipotie Health Centre. Residents of the Kalkunvuori area who have visited OmaPihjala Kehräsaari will continue to receive their services from there. Customers who have changed the health centre determined based on their address will continue as before at their selected health centre.

The wellbeing centre is also a base for the family welfare, home service and home care employees.

The services of the wellbeing centre are provided by the City of Tampere, Mehiläinen and Setlementti Tampere in cooperation. All services are the city’s public services. The regular customer fees of the City of Tampere will be charged of the services provided by the dental clinic and health centre.

Logo: hyvinvointikeskusten kukka
Tesoma Wellbeing Centre
Tel. 044 423 5590, information desk
Postal address Tesoman valtatie 35
33310 Tampere

Busses 8, 17, 20, 21, 71, 71K, 71S and 71SK as well as PALI 9

Further information

City of Tampere: Project manager
Mari Heikkilä Tel. 040 160 4286

Mehiläinen oy: Project manager
Riikka Helminen Tel. 040 1775 125