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Cutting-edge school complex opens in Tesoma

Published 12.3.2018 10.52

The new building for the Tesoma day-care centre and school has been completed. Pupils and staff will relocate to the new school building on the Tesoma school plot in early March.

Tesoma comprehensive school main entrance on the Tesoman valtatie side
Seat stairway in the lower lobby
Seat stairway in the lower lobby.

A total of 880 pupils, including pre-primary school age children and pupils in grades 1 to 9 will move to the new school building. Pupils will relocate to the new premises from the old Tesoma school building located on the same plot as well as the Tesomajärvi school building on Raiskionkatu.

Along with the pupils, the new building will provide facilities for a staff of 102 education professionals. The new building is located on the Tesoma school plot at Kohmankaari 11.

The new school building also includes facilities for a day-care centre for 140 children. Tesoma day-care centre will be relocated to these facilities in August 2018.

The basic renovation work of the auxiliary building on the same plot will be started in the spring and completed in December 2018. The old Tesoma school main building will be demolished in summer 2018.

Day-care centre yard
Tesoma day-care centre yard.

Separate facilities and yards for children of different ages

The highest part of the new building has four floors. The building is made of concrete and bricks. Brickless walls are decorated with metal plates with forest and animal-themed imagery. The total floor area of the building is some 13,000 square metres.

Functionally, the building has been designed with specific areas for children and young people of different ages. The school area also includes three separate areas for preschool children, primary school pupils and lower secondary school pupils. The day-care centre yard has already been completed, but the other parts of the yard will be completed in autumn 2019 at the latest.

The learning environments in the new school building have been designed to be open and modifiable. In total, the building contains more than 90 teaching rooms that can be flexibly modified with, for example, mobile acoustic screens. For example, the screens can be used to create a smaller space between two larger teaching spaces for a small group to use. Similarly, the lobby and hallways of the school have been designed so that they can also be used for teaching.

Primary school break spot
Primary school break spot.

Great facilities for physical exercise

Shared facilities in the school building include the canteen and a multi-purpose hall that can be used for physical exercise and as an event venue. Preschool and comprehensive school pupils have their meals in the canteen, whereas the meals for smaller children are arranged in the day-care centre facilities. For physical education, the school can also utilise the facilities of the nearby Tesoma sports hall.

The basic renovation work will include the construction of a 400 square metre hall in the school’s auxiliary building. The auxiliary building will also include two classrooms for home economics, textile crafts and art. A learning environment covering over 200 square metres will be built on the bottom floor of the building. The environment can be divided into two or three parts.

Panu Pitkänen, headmaster of Tesoma comprehensive school, states that physical exercise will also be considered in the design of the school’s outdoor areas. The old main building will be replaced by sports fields, including one with an artificial turf cover. The yards will also be fitted with equipment suitable for children of different ages. The yard areas of the plot will be completed in autumn 2019, along with the rest of the construction work.

Montessori education to begin in autumn 2019

As a brand new feature, Tesoma school will gradually introduce Montessori education from autumn 2019 on, when the first Montessori class will start at the school.

The new, versatile and flexible school facilities offer many possibilities for the school’s operation. According to Panu Pitkänen, the completion of the new building means that a new operational culture can be developed for the entire school.

“For one, our school will have a no-shoes policy, meaning that students will wear indoor shoes or just socks while indoors. Uniform practices are important for many reasons, not least because the shared facilities, such as the canteen, are also used by the small preschool pupils."

Main entrance on the Kohmankaari side
Main entrance on the Kohmankaari side.
Headmaster, basic education
Panu Pitkänen Tel. +358504098919

Text Johanna Toivanen

Photos Anne Kauhanen