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Makerspace Tekomo opens in Sampola at the end of January

Published 16.1.2018 10.24

The Tekomo makerspace will open in the Tietotori computer area of Sampola library on 22 January. The communal space has two 3D printers, vinyl cutter, heat press, sewing machine and overlock machine.


The new Tekomo makerspace will open in the Tietotori computer area of Sampola library on 22 January. The name of the makerspace was selected through a naming contest at the end of last year. A total of 134 names were suggested, and the winner will receive a reward at the Tekomo opening ceremony on 27 January.

“After careful deliberation, the jury chose Tekomo as the new name. We think the new name is easy to pronounce and describes the purpose of the space well," says Perttu Rasi, Service Manager.

Tekomo is an extension to the services available at Tietotori. In addition to digital services, Sampola now offers two 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, heat press, sewing machine and an overlock machine to its customers. These tools enable different kinds of creative work. 3D printers can be used to print plastic objects from a three-dimensional model. The vinyl cutter produces shapes from a two-dimensional model made with a computer. The result can be either an adhesive vinyl decal or a material that can be pressed onto fabric using the heat press.

For individuals and groups

Tekomo serves both individuals and groups: everyone is welcome to the makerspace to carry out their own projects and learn from others. The selected tools are easy-to-use and have handy features. The prices are affordable: 3D printouts cost one euro each and vinyl costs one euro per 10 centimetres.

The equipment can be booked through the computer reservation system. Tekomo is open during the opening hours of Tietotori in Sampola, from 11 a.m. Mondays to Saturdays. Tekomo is not open for self-service use. Reservations can be made starting on 22 January, and groups can book the entire makerspace for their exclusive use. The Tietotori staff will help with the equipment, but beginners are recommended to familiarise themselves with the basics of sewing or 3D printing beforehand—for example, at the Tampere adult education centre.

Tekomo operates in a separate section of Tietotori in Sampola. The rest of Tietotori’s services will remain unchanged, but half of the customer computers will be moved inside the library. The staff on duty will help with the computers also in the future.

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Further information

Head of Information Society Services Perttu Rasi Tel. 040 8004659

Jaakko Pimperi Tel. +358505237381

Text Emma Salmi