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School enrolment in Tampere is renewed

Published 12.1.2018 14.38

Children included in preschool education organised by the City of Tampere, who begin their school next autumn, are not required to enroll anymore. In future, information about new first-graders is transferred electronically from the municipal preschool system to schools.

If a child is not included in the municipal preschool system and, for instance, is in private preschool education or is moving to Tampere from another location, he/she must be enrolled in the first grade. In these circumstances, a guardian must enroll the child in a school during 8–23 January 2018 by using the electronic form on the website of the City of Tampere.

If a pupil is applying for education in a foreign language in the first class, or to the Finnish International School of Tampere , he/she must take an aptitude test. Aptitude tests require a separate enrollment during 8–21 January 2018 using an electronic form found on the website of the school in question.

Education in foreign languages is organised by:

• German: Tammela school
• French: Wivi Lönn’s School
• English: Finnish International School of Tampere (Fista)

Morning and afternoon activity enrolment in April

The application period for morning and afternoon activities for pupils in the first and second grade and pupils who require special support in the year 2018–2019 is arranged during 9–22 April 2018.

More information about starting school, enrolment and morning and afternoon activities can be found on the website of the City of Tampere.

Further information

Elli Rasimus Tel. 050 523 7386

Text Johanna Toivanen