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The structural plan for the new Hiedanranta district has been approved – tramway to be built in two phases

Published 28.12.2017 9.44

Policies on the further development of the new Hiedanranta district were drawn on 18 December 2017, as the City Board approved the structural plan to be used as the basis of the planning of the area. Hiedanranta’s new centre will be built next to the old factory. The structural plan drawing the initial plans for land use in the area has the tramway running through the old factory complex.

The tramway will be built in two phases The first phase will cover the routing through the Hiedanranta centre and the Lielahti industrial area to Niemenranta and Lentävänniemi. During the second phase, the tramway will be built near the junction of Lielahdenkatu and Enqvistinkatu.

In its meeting held on 30 October 2017, the City Board restarted the preparations of the Hiedanranta structural plan in order to review the different alternatives for the tramway route. Four different tramway routing alternatives were prepared for the structural plan, and their impacts on factors such as public transport, the traffic network, economy and land use were assessed to support the decision.

The reviews conducted resulted in a proposal to select the current alternative and implement it in phases to achieve the development targets set for the Hiedanranta district. The tramway plan will be prepared in more detail together with the general plan of the Hiedanranta area and the second phase of the tramway (KAS 2).

The tramway route will ensure that the compact Hiedanranta centre will develop according to plan. Routing the tramway through the factory has also been deemed necessary to ensure that the old industrial area in Lielahti can be developed and built into an attractive location for culture, business and services.

The construction of Hiedanranta also creates excellent conditions for the development of Lielahti, and the two areas combined form a well-functioning, high-quality district centre. Even now, the Lielahti district centre is an important commercial centre in the region.

It will be possible to maintain the service level of public transport to the Lielahti school and the current services at least as high as it currently is. The possibility of continuing the tramway to the direction of Ylöjärvi has also been taken into account in the plan.

Running the tramway through the factory is some EUR 13–15 million less costly than the solution according to the general tramway plan. In addition, it cuts approximately 3 minutes off the travel time between Lentävänniemi and the centre.

The City Board requires that the needs of the inhabitants Niemenranta and Lentävänniemi concerning the connections to the services in Lielahti are taken into account when planning the tramway feeder traffic.

Diverse and flexible block structure

The principal idea of the structural plan is a diverse and versatile block structure that can be developed flexibly. A series of public spaces connects Hiedanranta to the surrounding district centres. The space includes all the most important public functions and sights as well as the new tramway that connects Hiedanranta to the centre of Tampere.

The green network ensures that extensive green areas and waterways are never more than a five-minute walk away, regardless of where you live. The area is easily accessible with any type of transport.

The general plan should be completed in spring 2018. The preparation of the first zoning plans will also be started in spring 2018, with the first zoning plan of the area to be complete in 2019.

The objective is to begin the construction of infrastructure in the area in 2020–21. It will be possible to begin tramway traffic through the district in accordance with the Tramway development programme in 2024.

The objective of the Hiedanranta development programme is to build the new Hiedanranta district for approximately 25,000 inhabitants and 10,000 jobs, to introduce activity in the old Lielahti industrial area, and to provide a development environment for smart urban development, resource efficiency and the circular economy.

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Text Anna-Leea Hyry