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Over 2,000 pupils begin their first grade in Tampere

Published 4.8.2017 14.05

Approximately 2,100 first grade students will begin their primary education in Tampere this autumn, when the comprehensive schools of Tampere begin their school years on Thursday 10 August 2017.

A total of about 16,400 pupils are starting their schoolwork in the comprehensive schools of Tampere. This is advance information and it concerns the comprehensive schools maintained by the city.

When the schools start, every road-user needs to pay special caution in traffic, because there are several on-going construction sites in the city area that affect traffic arrangements.

Preschools are also starting their activities as the school year begins. Approximately 2,000 children born in 2011 will take part in preschool education organised by the city of Tampere.

The implementation of the new curriculum will go ahead in basic education as the 7th grades are included when the autumn semester begins. The new curriculum was taken into use a year ago in grades 1–6. The new curriculum of preschool teaching was also implemented last August.

New Early Education Plan into Use in All Municipalities

Tampere has implemented a new early education plan on 1 August 2017. The early education plan will direct the activities of early education in daycare centres, family day care, and other early education.

The early education plan has been obligatory in all municipalities since the beginning of August 2017. The Ministry of Education and Culture agreed upon the basic principles of the national early education plan last year, upon which municipalities have created the individual early education plans now being implemented.

The early education plan of the City of Tampere highlights early education as a part of the child’s learning path. Early education, preschool education and basic education plans form a clear continuum. Among others, exercise, play and child and parental participation are highlighted in the early education plan.

Talvitie Daycare Centre and School Start in Härmälä, New Name for City Centre Schools

At the beginning of August, a new unit for small children will begin its activities on Talvitie in Härmälä, where both early education and teaching for classes 1–2 are arranged.

The administrations of Aleksanteri and Pyynikki schools are merged on August 1. Both schools will continue their operations as previously. The new common name for the schools will be Wivi Lönn’s School. In the Finland100 centenary year, the new name commemorates the Tampere-based architect Wivi Lönn, who designed the Aleksanteri and Pyynikki school buildings in the beginning of the 20th century.

Further information

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Text Johanna Toivanen