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The City Council chose people for key positions in political decision-making

Published 14.6.2017 13.53

The Tampere City Council organised its first meeting on Monday, 12 June 2017. In the meeting, all appointments to key positions of political decision-making were made.

Anna-Kaisa Ikonen (National Coalition Party) was elected as the Chair of the Council, and Pekka Salmi (Social Democratic Party), Iiris Suomela (Greens) and Mikko Aaltonen (Left Alliance) as vice chairs.

Valokuva: Pormestari Lauri Lyly yhteiskuvassa apulaispormestareiden kanssa.
Lauri Lyly, Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki, Aleksi Jäntti and Johanna Loukaskorpi.

Lauri Lyly (Social Democratic Party) was elected as the Mayor. Johanna Loukaskorpi (Social Democratic Party) was elected as the Deputy Mayor of the Welfare service area’s committees, Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki (Greens) as the Deputy Mayor of the Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness service area’s committees, and Aleksi Jäntti (National Coalition Party) as the Deputy Mayor of the Urban Environment and Infrastructure service area’s committees.

Kalervo Kummola (National Coalition Party), Ilkka Sasi (National Coalition Party), Irja Tulonen (National Coalition Party), Atanas Aleksovski (Social Democratic Party), Aila Dundar-Järvinen (Social Democratic Party), Anneli Kivistö (Social Democratic Party), Jaakko Mustakallio (Greens), Olga Haapa-aho (Greens), Lassi Kaleva (Finns Party), Minna Minkkinen (Left Alliance), Veikko Vallin (Tampereen Puolesta) and Suvi Mäkeläinen (Centre Party) were elected as members of the City Board. Mayor Lauri Lyly will act as the Chair of the City Board.

In addition, members for the Social Services and Health Care Committee, the Education and Culture Committee, the Vitality and Competitiveness Committee, the Housing and Real Estate Committee, the Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services, the Committee for Regional Public Transport and the Regional Waste Management Committee were elected.

Further information

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