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Traffic in the city centre affected by construction projects

Published 2.6.2017 12.32

Traffic in and around central Tampere will be affected by several major concurrent urban development and traffic projects over the coming years. In addition to the tramway construction project, they include the construction of Ranta-Tampella and the Rasti block as well as the Ratina shopping centre.

The Rantaväylä tunnel remains the recommended route for traffic from the east to the western city centre. During rush hours, the Rantaväylä tunnel offers a better connection to the western city centre than driving via Satakunnankatu.

Traffic is slowed down by tramway construction site arrangements on Sammonkatu, Kalevan puistotie, Teiskontie and Itsenäisyydenkatu. For driving from Sammonvaltatie and Hervanta to districts such as the Tulli area, the alternative routes to be used are Kalevantie and Sarvijaakonkatu–Takojankatu.

The western end of Hämeenkatu will be closed to private car traffic from west to east between Näsilinnankatu and Hämeenpuisto at the beginning of June. Bus and maintenance traffic will continue to operate in both directions on this section of road during construction. The eastern end of Hämeenkatu, between Rautatienkatu and Hatanpään valtatie, will be restricted to public transport and maintenance traffic from the start of June.

Temporary arrangements on Ratapihankatu

The construction of the missing sections of Ratapihankatu is subject to the approval of changes to the city plan. The street’s final routing will not be implemented until a few years from now. The temporary connection for driving from the intersection of Ratapihankatu and Väinölänkatu to the intersection of the Ronka underpass and Vellamonkatu will be paved and opened for traffic in June. The traffic arrangements at the Vellamonkatu and Peltokatu intersection will also be improved. A temporary car park will be established on the western side of Peltokatu. The car park arrangements will be implemented by Finnpark.

The ramps currently under construction at the Naistenlahti interchange will be completed in August–September, providing easier access to the Rantaväylä tunnel and Ratapihankatu in the eastern city centre.

Work at the Viinikka junction will continue with the construction of an underpass for pedestrians and cyclists. This will lead to changes in pedestrian and bicycle routes on Viinikankatu in the vicinity of the railway bridge.

A map proposal has been prepared on the traffic arrangements for summer 2017, showing recommended routes, street sections to be avoided during rush hours, street sections where traffic is slowed down by construction site arrangements and street sections that are closed to private cars. The map also displays the recommended routes for accessing parking facilities.

The City of Tampere collects up-to-date information on traffic volumes and the traffic situation in the city streets on a continuous basis. Based on the information, the necessary adjustments can be made to traffic light timings and the recommended routes.

Information on traffic conditions and related changes is made available online at

Online map makes parking easier

A new online map has been added to the city’s website to make it easier to find parking. The map shows the locations of car parks in the city centre and allows users to plan their routes in advance.

There are more than 12,000 parking spaces in the city centre area: 7,200 spaces in parking facilities around the city centre, 2,200 spaces in street-level car parks and 2,700 places along city streets (payment zones I–III).

The map can be accessed via the traffic application web page and the parking web

Map: Effects of traffic arrangements due to construction work and recommended routes for driving into the city centre

Further information

Director of Planning Ari Vandell Tel. 040 564 4518

Text Anna-Leea Hyry