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Safer Tampere! Fill in the safety survey

Published 24.5.2017 10.05

Do you feel safe when you walk around your neighbourhood at night? What are your greatest concerns relating to your neighbourhood? Have you witnessed a crime or accident in your neighbourhood? Fill in the safety survey by 11 June 2017.

Kuva: Tampere-maisema Näsinneulasta

Safety affects every resident in Tampere. It is important to ensure that Tampere is and remains a safe place to live. In order to arrive at a comprehensive view of safety in Tampere, it is important to collect information from the residents and other people in the region. The aim of this survey is to give local authorities valuable information which they can use as the basis of their safety work. The survey results will also help to allocate basic statistics by residential area.

We want to hear your experiences in order to make Tampere and your neighbourhood safer! Please help us by filling in this survey. It takes about 10–15 minutes to complete the survey.

The City of Tampere is conducting this survey in cooperation with the National Council for Crime Prevention. The safety survey is available on the front page of the city’s website at until 11 June 2017. You can complete the survey easily on your own computer.

All responses will be handled confidentially, and no individual respondent can be identified from the results. After analysing the results, the collected material will be archived without identification data in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive for further research purposes.

More information

Manager for Risk Management and Safety Jouni Perttula, City of Tampere (tel. +358 40 196 6512), Senior Planning Officer Markus Alanko, Secretariat of the National Council for Crime Prevention (tel. +358 295 150 400)
Planning Officer Sonja Tanttari, Secretariat of the National Council for Crime Prevention (tel. +358 50 317 2628).