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The Tampere of the future will be built on the ideas of its residents

Published 12.5.2017 15.04

The City of Tampere’s aim of enabling participation of the people of the region in decision-making is exemplified by the drafting of a new urban strategy, as well as by a recent clarification of the story of Tampere. Views on the future direction of Tampere will be collected with the aid of the newly opened survey website and the Tampere Raati mobile application.

Kuva: Tampere-maisema Pyynikin näkötornista

The aim of the City of Tampere is to enable the city's residents to be more involved in decision-making. This is reflected in strategy and brand work. In both areas, it is important to take into account the views and opinions of individuals and various communities as to what Tampere is, and how the city should be developed.

The surveys are based on questionnaires covering three areas: everyday life and community spirit, knowledge and entrepreneurship, and experiences and atmosphere. Tampere residents can complete the surveys electronically on the website and using the Tampere Raati app, as well as using paper forms available in the Lielahti centre, the Koilliskeskus centre, Hervanta library, Kaukajärvi library, Kuusela and Tammela squares, the partnership house in Arttel, and the service point in Frenckell.

The surveys can be completed until 18 June. The Tampereen Raati mobile phone app can be downloaded free from the application stores for Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows phones.

Tampere’s branding work is aimed at clarifying the story of Tampere – creating a shared message of the true strengths of the region and putting Tampere on the map internationally. Year after year, Tampere has been chosen as one of the most desirable places to live in Finland and as the most attractive tourist town. According to recent research it is also the most popular town for students. When it comes to international name recognition, however, Tampere still has a long way to go. The branding work will be done throughout 2017 in extensive cooperation with various parties. The aim is to write the story of Tampere and all its residents.

The strategy of the City of Tampere is to produce a description of the most important priorities and goals for the city. The strategy contains key messages for Tampere’s development, and is the blueprint for management of the entire city. The new city council, which will begin its work in June, will adopt its strategy at the end of 2017. The new strategy will be more intensive and more forward-looking than the previous one. City strategy and brand work go hand in hand, and are based on the same strengths and goals.

“Our city’s strength is in working together, and I invite everyone to participate in writing the story of the Tampere of the future. Tomorrow's Tampere will be to an even greater degree a reflection of its residents," says Mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

The City of Tampere recently published the Tampereen kaupunki mobile application, which provides a shortcut to city services and current affairs, as well as to the most popular pages on the website. The application provides residents with a new channel for sending feedback to the city council, complete with image and location information. The app works on Android phones, and can be downloaded free from the Google Play store.

Tampereen Raati -application is available in Finnish only.

Further information

Liaison Director, City of Tampere Mayor’s Office Tuija Telén Tel. +358 40 801 6009

Strategy Director Reija Linnamaa Tel. +358 40 572 9610