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Tramway construction begins in Hervanta—traffic arrangements on Insinöörinkatu and Hermiankatu

Published 7.4.2017 15.00

The Tramway Alliance will begin the construction of the tramway and related preparatory traffic arrangements in Hervanta in the week beginning 10 April 2017. The construction work will begin at the Insinöörinkatu and Kanjoninkatu intersection as well as the Hermiankatu and Hervannan valtaväylä intersection.

This year, the construction work on Insinöörinkatu will take place between Kanjoninkatu and Opiskelijankatu as well as Teekkarinkatu and Atomipolku. At the Kanjoninkatu intersection, the work will mainly involve relining, road construction and foundation work for the tramway. On the section between Kanjoninkatu and Opiskelijankatu, the existing street will be widened and relining and foundation work carried out. Water lines and stormwater drains need to be moved between Atomipolku and Teekkarinkatu.

During the construction, Insinöörinkatu is partially closed to through traffic between Teekkarinkatu and Atomipolku. Access to building and service deliveries to the area will be secured. As the work progresses, the bus stops on the road will first be moved along Insinöörinkatu and later from Insinöörinkatu to Hervannan valtaväylä. The aim is to keep at least one side of the road accessible to pedestrians and cyclists at all times.

Changes to pedestrian crossings

A pedestrian and bicycle path will be constructed on the northern side of Kanjoninkatu during April. The driving lanes on Kanjoninkatu will be made narrower. The pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Insinöörinkatu and Kanjoninkatu will be transferred south on Kanjoninkatu, which means that bicycles will also have to give way to cars. As the work progresses, the bus stop on the eastern side of Insinöörinkatu will be moved.

This year, the work on Hermiankatu will be restricted between Hervannan valtaväylä and Visiokatu. Relining and repiping will be carried out on Hermiankatu and Atomipolku to make way for the future tramway. Traffic arrangements for the duration of the work will be organised in several stages. Excavation work will also be carried out in connection with the construction work of Hermiankatu. The relining and repiping work will cause temporary breaks in water supply. These will be notified in the area separately.

As the work begins, the pedestrian crossing on the south side of the Hervannan valtaväylä and Hermiankatu intersection will be removed, and a replacement pedestrian crossing will be built on the north side of the intersection to the alternative route for the duration of the construction work. In the next phase, the pedestrian crossing on the Hermiankatu intersection will also be transferred east on Hermiankatu. During the construction work, traffic will run in both directions on Hermiankatu in different stages of the work with changing lane arrangements. As the work progresses, a temporary roundabout will also be constructed at the Hervannan valtaväylä and Hermiankatu intersection. The construction will not affect buses, and pedestrians will always be allowed to use at least one side of the road.

During the construction work, access to and the availability of buildings in the construction area as well as rescue routes will be ensured. If any roads to the buildings are closed, the buildings will be notified separately. The areas will have signs regarding the traffic arrangements.

The City of Tampere and the Tramway Alliance are organising an event for the public on the construction of the tramway in Hervanta on Tuesday 11 April at 17:30–19:30 in cinema Cinola, address Lindforsinkatu 1–3. Coffee will be available, and all materials are available starting at 17:00

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