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The construction of the tramway affects traffic at Sammonaukio and on Itsenäisyydenkatu and Sammonkatu

Published 5.4.2017 10.42

The Tramway Alliance is making preparations for the construction of the tramway. The construction work will start at Sammonaukio and on Itsenäisyydenkatu and Sammonkatu on 3 April. The new traffic arrangements will affect private cars, cyclists, pedestrians and buses in these areas.

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On Itsenäisyydenkatu and Sammonaukio, driving speed will be limited to 30 km per hour, and parts of the lanes will become narrower. Two lanes will be closed on Itsenäisyydenkatu between Tammelan puistotie and Kalevan puistotie, leaving one lane per each direction. Access from Itsenäisyydenkatu to Sammonaukio will remain unaltered in the intersection.

Those driving west along Teiskontie will have one straight lane, one dedicated right and one left lane.

Changes to pedestrian and bicycle traffic at Sammonaukio

The pedestrian crossing on Kalevan puistotie will be closed to the north of Sammonaukio. During the construction, the pedestrian crossing will move to the intersection of Kalevan puistotie and Tammelankatu. It will have an island and be surrounded with speed bumps. The pedestrian crossing on Teiskontie and one of the crossings at the intersection of Itsenäisyydenkatu and Salhojankatu will also be removed.

The intersection between Viinikankatu and Lähteenkatu will receive traffic lights in April and May. The pedestrian crossing on Viinikankatu will be closed during some phases. Pedestrians and cyclists will be guided to use other routes.

The bus stops near Sammonaukio will be removed from Itsenäisyydenkatu. There will be one bus stop on each side of the road.

New traffic arrangements will take place in April and May, covering driving lanes and pedestrian and bicycle routes.

The construction of the tramway will start with removing lines and pipes from under the tramway at Sammonaukio and on Itsenäisyydenkatu. Most of the work will take place in the daytime, but some tasks are scheduled in the night in order to minimise traffic disruptions. In the Sammonaukio square area, the tramway construction is divided into four phases that will take place between 2017 and 2019.

Work at both ends of Sammonkatu

The construction of the tramway will start on Sammonkatu on 3 April and bring new traffic arrangements. The work starts at both ends of the road and continues towards the mid-section.

This year, the alliance will remove lines and pipes along the frontage lane on the southern side of Sammonkatu. The other tasks required by the tramway will mainly take place in the middle of the road in the coming years.

Sammonkatu will be a two-way street during the construction of the tramway, and the aim is to secure normal bus services. Certain bus stops will be temporarily out of use in May, and some will be moved near the site while the construction is in progress. Pedestrian access to shops and facilities will be ensured on both sides of the street. The bicycle lane on the northern side will remain unaltered.

For further information, please contact:

Block Manager
Olli Tuomisto (Sammonaukio and Sammonkatu)
Tramway Alliance
tel. +358 40 8690 874

Block Manager
Pasi Samppala (Itsenäisyydenkatu)
Tramway Alliance
tel. +358 50 543 0499

Project Manager at the Tramway Alliance
Mikko Nyhä
tel. +358 40 863 0450


Service Point Tampere
Tel. +358 41 730 8168
Frenckell, ground floor

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