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Internal audit report on the controlling of a private day care completed

Published 28.3.2017 15.33

The City of Tampere acted according to the effective legislation and the guidance of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland in the case regarding the private ABC Päiväkoti day care in 2011 when the city was notified of a conviction of the private entrepreneur, states the City of Tampere’s internal audit report. However, the city failed in controlling the day care’s operations.

The City of Tampere’s internal audit evaluated the sufficiency and effectiveness of the guidance and advice as well as controlling directed at the operations of ABC Päiväkoti. In January 2017, the City of Tampere acted according to the instructions of the Regional State Administrative Agency and forbade the day care from taking care of children. The reason was that it was noted that the day care’s operations did not follow the prerequisites imposed by the city.

Prerequisites for the day care’s operation determined in the guidance of the Regional State Administrative Agency

In June 2011, the City of Tampere notified the Regional State Administrative Agency that the entrepreneur of the private ABC Päiväkoti had been convicted of possessing indecent photographs of children. The city enquired the Regional State Administrative Agency on how to proceed. The city’s attorney also stated to the Regional State Administrative Agency that, with the current legislation, the city does not have the authority to take coercive measures.

The Regional State Administrative Agency’s chief inspector presented the city with a course of action in which the city would, with the negotiations, conditions and prerequisites set for the operations, try to mend the situation with the result that the convicted entrepreneur would never work alone with children. In October 2011, the city set the prerequisite for the day care’s action that the entrepreneur is not among the day care’s staff responsible for taking care of the children and is never, under any circumstances, alone with the children. The set prerequisites were also delivered to the Regional State Administrative Agency as a notification.

The audit report states that, according to the Administrative Procedure Act, the Regional State Administrative Agency should have processed the matter without unjustified delay and that only the Agency would have had the authority to immediately impose coercive measures according to the legislation on the supervision of private social welfare services.

The city failed in controlling the compliance with the prerequisites

According to the audit report, the city’s actions were not satisfactory as it did not sufficiently control the compliance with the imposed prerequisites. The city’s inspection unit had regularly carried out planned inspection and guidance visits in ABC Päiväkoti that they were informed in advance with the exception of the year 2012. The controlling was not carried out systematically and additional efficiency was not directed at controlling the day care’s compliance with the set prerequisites.

Before 2016, the city never completed an inspection visit to the day care they were not notified of in advance even though, according to the legislation, such visits are possible for justified reasons. In the inspection in December 2016, it was noted that the day care had not complied with the set prerequisites.

Controlling of private social welfare services made more effective

The internal audit report presents many individual development actions that can help ensure the city’s sufficiency and effectiveness controlling in the future. In its report, the internal audit presents improvements on the consistency of the controlling and risk-based planning, flow of information, implementation, monitoring and documentation. The report also highlights the resources of the inspection unit and their allocation and sufficiency.

The City of Tampere is increasing the resources in early childhood education’s controlling this spring, as a new employee starts in the unit on 3 April 2017. The inspection unit has already made their inspection procedures more detailed in autumn 2016 and increased the number of inspections that are not notified in advance.

The committee of children and youth services noted the internal audit report for information in their meeting on 23 March 2017.

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