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Local master plan for the inner city presented to the public on four maps

Published 13.2.2017 15.52

The Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services approved the proposal for the new local master plan in Tampere for presentation to the public on 7 February 2017. The local master plan was previously presented to the public as a draft, and it has been amended on the basis of opinions and statements. The major change regarding the presentation of the plan is that there are now four maps instead of seven. The local master plan charts the principles of urban growth at Tampere and covers the inner city. In other words, Teisko is not included in the plan.

Kartta: Kantakaupungin yleiskaava 2040:n aluerajaus

The proposed local master plan is primarily based on the content of the draft that was available to the public earlier. The community structure map depicts strategic goals, land use and the traffic system. Maps 2 and 3, depicting green areas and services and the cultural environment, remained more or less unaltered from the draft. Map 4 covers sustainable water economy, environmental health and urban engineering. The plan report has been edited to correspond to the maps, and the impact assessment is now more thorough.

The plan proposal includes a growth zone where new residential construction and public and private services are the intended focus. In addition, the plan proposal has specified further the marking of central areas according to their expected future use. The plan proposal marks certain locations in Härmälä, Vuores, Kaukajärvi and Kaleva/Hakametsä as local centres.

Changes to the maps

Changes made to the maps cover, for example, the central green network. The new plan takes nature better into account, for instance, by securing an appropriate ecological network for the flying squirrel. The draft plan referred to novel ways of urban development in Särkijärvi and Hervantajärvi, but these were found impossible.

The camping site in Niihama has been relocated. The new camping site will be located on the Alasjärvi shore, in an area allocated to holiday housing in the general partial master plan for Kauppi-Niihama in 2009. Plans regarding Lielahti-Hiedanranta will be re-examined after the completion of an analysis.

The markings related to the railway yard, Ruotula golf course and Hankkio employment area have remained unaltered from the draft.

The plan notations covering Myllypuro were edited according to the general partial master plan that was approved in 2008. Furthermore, a general provision on respecting the value of the cultural environment was added to the local master plan, along with a report on historical monuments.

With regard to the traffic system, the adjustments made to the maps mainly focused on the need to develop the eastern section of the ring road. On the new map, traffic system development needs appear as areas reserved for development. In the draft plan, these were marked as connections. Commuter train stops have remained unaltered from the draft.

The proposal for the local master plan will be available to the public between 15 February and 17 March 2017. Statements and reminders regarding the plan may be submitted during this period. The aim is to have the proposal discussed and approved by the City Board and City Council in April and May.

Further information

Director Mikko Nurminen Tel. 040 801 2665

Head of Master Planning Pia Hastio Tel. 040 801 6917