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The English School of Tampere provides day care in English at Pyynikintori

Published 7.2.2017 12.37

Private day care services in English are still available at Pyynikintori. The English School of Tampere became the new provider of day care services in English at the Pyynikintori facility on 30 January 2017, immediately after the previous provider, ABC Daycare Tampere, stopped its operations.

The English School of Tampere has years of experience in providing private pre-primary education and morning and afternoon activities in Tampere.

The guardians of the children previously attending ABC Daycare Tampere wished that their children could primarily continue in the same group, with the same nurses and at the same facility.

In January, the English School of Tampere contacted the City of Tampere and told us of its intention to become the new provider of English day care services at Pyynikintori. Some of the children in ABC Daycare Tampere attended pre-primary education at the English School of Tampere.

The English School of Tampere is a private day care provider. In accordance with the Early Childhood Education and Care Act, the city monitors the operations of its municipal day care centres, as well as other day care providers in the area. The city inspects the premises of each new private day care provider and notifies the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland of the new provider.

The English School of Tampere is managed by the Friends of English School of Tampere, an association founded and run by the children’s parents.

Further information

Elli Rasimus Tel. 050 523 7386

Kristiina Järvelä Tel. 040 800 4678

Text Johanna Toivanen