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Preschool enrolment begins for children born in 2011

Published 10.1.2017 19.18

Enrolment for children starting preschool next autumn has begun in Tampere. The enrolment must be completed by 23 January 2017.

Children born in 2011 will start preschool next school year. The designated preschool will be determined on the basis of the future educational path and the child's home address.

According to the Basic Education Act, the child must take part in preschool education or other activity meeting the objectives of preschool education in the school year preceding their compulsory education. Preschool education became obligatory in Finland in 2015.

Preschool enrolment must be completed by submitting an electronic application on the website of the City of Tampere. To enroll in private preschool education, enroll directly to the chosen preschool. In addition, the family must fill in the City of Tampere’s electronic preschool enrolment application.

As a rule, preschool education will be arranged in Tampere according to the school year 10 August 2017 – 1 June 2018. During school holidays, preschool pupils can attend full-time care, where necessary.

Most of the preschool education groups are currently arranged in local schools, as pupils in preschool and early childhood education (1st–2nd grades) spend a lot of time together. Daily preschool education is provided for four hours a day, and taking part in preschool education is free of charge. Supplementary activities possibly required in addition to preschool education are subject to a fee.

Further information on enrolment, accepting a place in preschool education and the fees for supplementary activities is included in a letter that the City of Tampere has sent to the parents of children born in 2011. Where necessary, further information on enrolment in preschool education is also provided by the residential area’s day-care centres and Day care customer guidance paivahoito.palveluohjaus(at), tel. +358 (0)40 800 7260.

Supplementary activities include day-care or club activities according to the family’s choice

Activities arranged in day-care centres to supplement preschool education are always considered as day-care. If the preschool education group is arranged at a school, supplementary activities take the form of club activities at the school.

However, the guardian can always choose an alternative in which activities supplementing preschool education are arranged as day-care even though the pre-primary education group is arranged at the school. If the guardian chooses day-care as a supplementary activity, it will be arranged at the day-care centre and the personnel will transport the child from one location to another.

If the child needs supplementary activities in addition to preschool education (day-care or club), enrolment takes place using the same form as for enrolment for preschool education. It must also be indicated in the enrolment form whether the family in any case wishes to have supplementary activities arranged as day-care in a day-care centre.

If the City of Tampere decides to adopt the day care time-based service in day-care during 2017, the service needs and fees of supplementary activities arranged as day-care will change. The matter will be decided by the Committee for Child and Youth Services during spring 2017.

Further information

Elli Rasimus Tel. 050 523 7386

Text Johanna Toivanen