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Libraries stopped collecting reservation fees on 1 January 2017

Published 5.1.2017 13.55

Tampere City Library stopped collecting reservation fees on items housed in its own collections at the start of the year.

asiakas katselemassa kirjoja kirjastoautossa

The amended Library Act entered into force on 1 January 2017. The legislation requires libraries to make the use and borrowing of its own material, as well as its advice and information services, free of charge. The library stopped collecting fees on items reserved and picked up at the city’s libraries at the start of the year.

The regional reservation fee on items in the collections of other PIKI libraries will remain unaltered, at EUR 2. Any fees incurred before the entry into force of the new Library Act will still need to be paid.

Other library fees at Tampere City Library will remain unaltered for the time being. The library will launch a new system of collecting fees on reserved items that are not picked up. The new fee system is currently under preparation.

Further information

Director of the Unit of Libraries and Adult Education Centres Pirkko Lindberg Tel. 0400 985 991