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Expert and friendly service—negative feedback on long waiting times

Published 5.1.2017 9.14

According to the results of the annual survey by the City of Tampere Social and Primary Health Care Services, customer satisfaction is high among social and health services customers. The area that was criticised the most was long waiting times.

Valokuva: Asiakkaana Hervannan terveysasemalla.

The average overall grade for services in year 2016 was 8.53 at Tampere. In the previous year, the average grade was 8.62. Adult counselling and outreach work received the best overall grades.

The customer satisfaction grade improved from year 2015 at Orivesi. The average overall grade given to services was 8.84, compared to 8.55 in the previous year.

At Tampere, the respondents gave the highest grades to expert service and being treated well. At Orivesi, the respondents were also satisfied with service location.

The most important areas of development at both Tampere and Orivesi were the customer’s involvement in the planning and assessment of their service and waiting times to services.

The number for free-form feedback received was nearly 2,250 at Tampere and about 250 at Orivesi. The areas that received the most positive feedback were expert and professional staff and friendly and warm service. Long waiting times and scarce resources in view of service needs, on the other hand, were criticised. The respondents would also like the cities to develop their appointment and electronic services further.

The survey was carried out in October and November 2016, and the total number of responses in the two cities was almost 2,900. The survey results and free-form feedback will be used to develop the services.

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