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Tampere surveys its customers’ satisfaction with social and health services

Published 24.10.2016 9.29

The City of Tampere will once again organise a broad customer feedback survey for users of social and health services. The survey is available online at It can be completed in Finnish or in English. The survey will be open from 24 October to 6 November 2016.

Valokuva: Asiakkaana Hervannan terveysasemalla.

The questions concern, for example, the availability of services, treatment of customers, professional skills of workers and helpfulness of the service. Approximately 250 social and health service points are included in the survey. Customers can also give feedback on services provided at Orivesi.

The results will be published on the City of Tampere website by the end of the year. The results will also be disclosed to the client, the board of directors, management groups, production units and service points at the Social and Primary Health Care Services.

The city’s social and health care units will use the results to improve service.

Last year, more than 3,600 customers filled in the survey. The service areas that received most feedback were Surgeries, health centres in particular, and Oral Health Care. The number of free-form feedback was over 2,700 replies. The city gave a certificate of honour for good service to nearly 350 employees who received personal feedback from customers.

Giving feedback can make a difference; for example, the Child and Family Social Services changed its telephone hours system after learning that the customers found it inflexible. The shift from the dedicated doctor system to the so-called list system has improved the availability of doctor’s appointments. The counselling service of Adult Social Services remained open at some offices throughout the summer based on customers’ wishes. Customer panels were established at the school and student health services. The webpages of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services were updated in collaboration with the customer panel. The online appointment service of Oral Health Care was developed on the basis of feedback in the Health Services for Children and Youth.


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Social and Primary Health Care Services
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