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The City of Tampere invites companies, communities and citizens to develop the smart city of Tampere together

Published 18.10.2016 12.51

Smart Tampere program builds Tampere into internationally known, attractive, smart city where companies and citizens are involved in developing the city. The aim is to develop the cooperation of different parties in order to enable economic growth and the daily lives of the citizens by developing digital solutions.

Tampere iltavalaistuksessa

The new economic policy of the city of Tampere for years 2017-2021 is presented at MindTrek and Smart City Event October 17th and 18th. Smart Tampere program brings together the business life, universities, organizations, citizens, the city government and other important parties. Development of digitalization is made possible by making the knowledge of challenges the citizen face in their daily lives and turning this cooperation between different parties in solutions for these challenges.

"Our plan is to open the big challenges of the city and develop innovative solutions to them together with companies. The challenges might be, for example, the amount of elderly in the future and making sure they get the best care", says the Mayor of the City of Tampere, Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

The city itself has multiple roles in this new way of city development. Instead and in addition to the traditional role of procuress the city can act as a testing ground, can bring the right parties to work together or, for example, enable new solutions through city planning. At the same time the city develops its own ways of working into more community driven, experimental and sustainable direction.

"All this will make Tampere even more attractive to international companies than it is now. Tampere has a strong history in cooperation between different organizations and now we have a dynamic process that enhances active cooperation even more", says the City of Tampere’s Executive Director of economic policy, competitiveness and innovation, Teppo Rantanen.

Through city planning Tampere has been able to ensure private investments of over 6 Billion during the next 10 years. Smart Tampere program’s one key goal is to make sure these investments are used to build a smart city and to secure economic growth.

The first seven themes of Smart Tampere are Smart Health, Smart Education and know-how, Smart Industry, Smart Building, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Mobility and Smart Government and Citizen.

Tampere has several projects in motion that aim for innovation, new business models and enhancing communities that include better digital solutions in companies, city organizations and daily lives of the citizens. The city of Tampere offers more and more open data for anyone to use including traffic data, location data, tourism information, as well as, city budget and procurement information.

Further information

Executive Director of economic policy, competitiveness and innovation Teppo Rantanen Tel. +358 400 235 442

Development Director Kari Kankaala Tel. +358 50 351 3020

Smart Tampere Program Director Tero Blomqvist Tel. +358 50 585 1080