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The idea competition for the Hiedanranta area in Tampere attracted 39 contestants – see the entries on the web and tell us what you think

Published 18.10.2016 9.19

39 entries were submitted for the international idea competition for the new district to be built at Hiedanranta, Tampere. A verbal description and conceptual drawings for each entry are available on the city’s website. We now hope that everybody interested in the competition will take a look at the proposals submitted and tell us their opinion using the online form by 1 November 2016.


Replies submitted using the form as well as discussion on the Väliaikainen Hiedanranta page on Facebook will be summarised for the jury, who will select the winner in January 2017.

A significant part of the competition assignment is specifying how the new district will be made into an attractive residential and workplace area. The competition also seeks answers for the future district centre, i.e. how trade and services will be arranged in the future centre.

The history of the area, including that of Lielahti Manor, the manor park, and the structures dating back to industrial operations, as well as the location by Lake Näsijärvi offer the opportunity to build a completely new lakeside district.

The contestants were assigned the task of preparing a comprehensive idea-level design for the Hiedanranta district – a vision of the future of the area. The area must be of high quality in terms of functionality and cityscape. The material yielded by the competition will be used to steer the development of the area in the coming years.

The objective is to attract 20,000–25,000 residents and some 10,000 jobs in different fields to the area to be designed. The competition applies to the old Lielahti factory area, i.e. Hiedanranta, part of Lielahti, and a section of the shoreline of Lake Näsijärvi.

The area is envisioned to feature effective public transport, so according to plans, the future Tampere tramway will pass through Hiedanranta. In addition, fluent public transport is a precondition for attracting a larger number of residents and jobs.

Influence the future district now

The Hiedanranta district is located on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi only four kilometres west of the city centre. A favourable location means that Hiedanranta can be developed into a significant lakeside district that unites western Tampere and the city centre.

The Hiedanranta idea competition is intended to develop the area into a future district with a dense, flexible urban structure, complete with green and low-carbon qualities. The entries must also meet regional sustainability requirements.

The competition area is restricted to Lielahdenkatu street in the west, the Niemenranta district in the north, the railway track leading to Pori in the south-west, and Paasikiventie street and the Santalahti district in the south. In addition, the competition area between Santalahti and Lielahti includes waterfront and water area of Lake Näsijärvi, which has been envisioned to serve as a site for new construction partly situated on artificial land.

Lielahti is one of the five district centres of the City of Tampere as well as a traffic hub, and is home to regionally significant business activities.

International idea competition

The international public idea competition arranged by the City of Tampere began on 26 April 2016 with the release of an EU procurement notice. The city hoped that design groups participating in the competition would include a diverse selection of land development, architecture, landscape architecture, traffic, urban development, construction and energy experts as well as city vitality experts.

The contestants participate under aliases, so we do not yet know who the contestants are and where they come from. The name envelopes containing information on the authors of the 39 entries will only be opened once the winner has been chosen.

The jury comprises fifteen members. Members from outside the city include two members appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects. The jury will also hear experts from different special fields in the evaluation, where necessary.

A total of EUR 220,000 will be handed out in prizes, of which the first prize is EUR 110,000, and the rest will be awarded to runners-up and used to pay for the use of other commendable ideas.

The actual land use planning will begin after the competition A number of Hiedanranta-related events for the inhabitants and stakeholders have already been arranged before the competition. The feedback obtained from these in part contributed to the type of goals set for the idea competition.

The Hiedanranta area, which was purchased by the City of Tampere in 2014, has been opened to the public through different types of events in the last couple of years. A variety of temporary activities have been desired and received for the area.

Thousands of people interested in the area have visited the formerly closed factory area. Currently there is free access to part of the Hiedanranta area, including the surroundings of the Lielahti Manor.

Further information

Project Development Director Reijo Väliharju Tel. 050 388 0901

Director of City Planning Taru Hurme Tel. 040 806 2601