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This year’s Tampere Award goes to the influential businessmen Mikko Kuitunen and Miika Mäkitalo

Published 10.10.2016 11.08

The City of Tampere granted this year’s Tampere Award to Mikko Kuitunen, Founder and CEO or Vincit Group Oyj, and Miika Mäkitalo, CEO of M-Files Corporation, as recognition of their contribution to the economy of Tampere. Both of the winners have had a major, positive impact on employment in Tampere. The companies they lead are crucial for the new, smart Tampere, in terms of their sector as well as corporate culture.

Tampereen palkinto, Tammerkosken kuohu -lasiveistos

Vincit CEO Mikko Kuitunen has accelerated the growth of his company and introduced a new kind of leadership culture in business. Kuitunen has assumed an active role as an innovator in working life. Vincit operates in the software development and ICT services field. It has been selected as the best workplace in Finland three times running, and this year, it was selected as the best workplace in Europe. Vincit employs approximately 300 people, in Tampere, Espoo, Savonlinna and Silicon Valley.

M-Files CEO Miika Mäkitalo has led his company to remarkable growth and put Tampere on the map as a city with robust product development expertise. The company’s enterprise information management solution performs, among other things, metadata-driven searches. Mäkitalo has also supported several local business development projects. M-Files has approximately 300 employees, some of which work in the US and the UK.

The city has awarded this prize since 1959 to a total of 66 individuals.

In addition to the Tampere Award, the City of Tampere awarded five first-class honorary gold medals to the following persons as a recognition of their significant social merits for the city: restaurant owner Fouad Hanafi-Eweiss, artist Tuula Lehtinen, musician Heikki Salo, writer Salla Silmukka and coach Maarit Teuronen.

The award ceremony was held at the Old City Hall on 1 October 2016, and it was part of the 237th anniversary gala of the city.

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Text Aila Rajamäki