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Transtech Oy to provide the rolling stock for the Tampere tram line

Published 6.10.2016 15.29

Transtech Oy has won the competitive tendering for the rolling stock acquisition of the Tampere tram line. This was decided by the Tampere City Board on 3 October 2016 in connection with other matters related to the tram line project.

The City Board voted for the decisions concerning the tram line with seven (7) members in favour of the proposed decisions, two (2) against, one (1) voting slip was blank, and one (1) member was absent.

The acquisition includes 15–20 trams and their maintenance service for 10 years. In addition, more wagons may be acquired, the wagons may be extended later and the maintenance service may be extended to 40 years.

By 12 August 2016, the City of Tampere received tenders for the trams and their maintenance from the following four companies:

- Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocariles, S.A. (CAF)
- PESA Bydgoszcz SA
- Stadler Rail Valencia, S.A.U.
- Transtech Oy.

The tram acquisition was based on the most economically advantageous tender. The economic advantage was evaluated on the basis of the quality of cars, the quality of the maintenance service and the comparison price.

Based on the evaluation, Transtech Oy made the most economically advantageous tender. The tender was the best, both in terms of quality and price.

In the Transtech Oy tender, the acquisition price of 37-metre tram cars is approximately EUR 3.2–3.8 million each depending on the number of cars acquired. The general plan from 2014 estimated that the price of a 30–33 metre long car would be approximately EUR 3.2 million and that of a 38–40 metre long one approximately EUR 3.8 million.

If 16 cars are acquired for traffic in part 1 of the tram line project, i.e., lines Hervantajärvi–Pyynikintori and TAYS–Pyynikintori, and as back-up cars, the total acquisition price is approximately EUR 61 million. The cost of the overall acquisition according to the general plan, 26 cars, would amount to approximately EUR 97.5 million.

The tram acquisition decision is binding on the city, and the acquisition agreement may only be signed after Tampere City Council has made a decision to implement the tram line project.

If the City Council of Tampere decides that the tram line will be built, work will begin in several places next year, in 2017. It is estimated that tram traffic from Hervanta to TAYS will start in 2021. The City Council will consider the issue at their meeting on 24 October 2016.

The tram line aims for the realisation of highly functional and accessible public transport with high capacity, which allows the supporting of the densification of the city structure in a sustainable manner. The tram line is planned for the part of the Tampere Central Region’s public transport system which is subjected to the highest loads. In addition to the tram line, the public transport system would include efficient trunk bus lines and versatile connection traffic to the tram lines. Supplementary construction and development of land use is planned along the tram line. The surroundings of stops are planned to serve varied operations and various modes of transport.

Further information

City of Tampere
Director of Planning
Juha-Pekka Häyrynen
Telephone 050 552 6124
e-mail Juha-Pekka.Hayrynen(at)

Transtech Oy
Managing Director
Matti Haapakangas
tel. 0400 280 383