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The City Board of Tampere proposes the construction of a tram line to the City Council

Published 6.10.2016 15.23

The City Board of Tampere decided on 3 October 2016 to propose to the City Council the construction of the first part infrastructure of the tram line, including the track and the depot. According to the decision, the city will implement the first part of the tram line Hervanta–centre–TAYS according to the implementation plan. The second part from the centre to Lentävänniemi will be planned in more detail, and the corresponding decisions and construction will take place later. The City Board voted on the matter with seven (7) City Board members in favour of the proposed decision, two (2) against, one (1) voting slip was blank and one (1) member was absent.


At the same time, the City Board approved the alliance agreement for the first part of the tram line alliance based on the implementation plan prepared by the Tram Line Alliance. The total budget of the first part is EUR 238.8 million. The total budget includes EUR 1.9 million of bonuses. The payment of the bonuses requires, among other things, keeping the costs as budgeted. The target cost of part 1 is a tender binding on the parties of the Alliance.

The Tram Line Alliance is composed of the City of Tampere, VR Track Oy, YIT Construction Services and Pöyry Finland Oy. YIT and VR Track are responsible for the construction with equal shares. The state has agreed to support the first construction phase with EUR 71 million.

The implementation plan of the Tram Line Alliance for part 1 covers 15 kilometres of two-track line track from the centre to Hervanta and TAYS and a depot in Hervanta. The alliance contract includes the municipal engineering transfers required by the tram line infrastructure, such as transfers of piping, earth and street construction as well as supporting walls.

For part 2 of the project, the cost estimate of the shortest route from the centre to Lentävänniemi is EUR 44.1 million, which brings the total cost estimate for the tram line to EUR 283 million. The costs of the second part will be further detailed based on the route option selected for Hiedanranta, among other things. The extension part is less costly as it does not include a depot, it has fewer bridges and construction in the central area and it is substantially shorter than the first part.

If the City Council of Tampere decides that the tram line will be built, work will begin in several places next year, in 2017. It is estimated that tram traffic from Hervanta to TAYS will start in 2021. The City Council will consider the issue at their meeting on 24 October 2016.

The City Board’s decision was based on the implementation plan and the alliance agreement with their numerous appendices. The City Board also approved the setting up of the tram line development programme and the programme plan, i.e. the duties of the city organisation related to the implementation of the tram line. Also, Tampere Water was obligated to agree with the Tram Line Alliance on the transfers of water pipes according to compensation based on the age of piping.

The City Board was also informed of the opinions of the tram line requested and given. The number of opinions by the time the decision was made was 75. Most opinions were very favourable towards the construction of a tram line in Tampere.

For further information about the tram line, including new opinions, please see the website of the City of Tampere:

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