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Info session for parents about multilingualism 21 September

Published 14.9.2016 11.29

You are warmly invited to attend an info session dedicated to parents and families who have two or more languages. The session takes place on Wednesday 21.9.2016 at 6pm - 7.30pm at Monitoimitalo 13 (Satakunnankatu 13).


  • Instruction in the mother tongue provided by the City of Tampere throughout basic education
  • The importance of multilingualism in pupils

During the session we will discuss about the benefits and challenges of multilingualism. We will also talk about instruction in the mother tongue, as it is offered and organized by the City of Tampere through all basic education.

There are several teachers of native language present, as well as representatives of the City of Tampere and of Mainio, the Migration Info Center in Tampere.

Presentations in Finnish, interpretation possible in several languages, by teachers of mother languages.

If you bring your children along, those of whom are of school age have the possibility to attend arts and crafts workshops organized by Monitoimitalo 13 (3rd floor, free of charge) or to be in the internet lounge and game world (ground floor, free of charge).

Organizers: Early Childhood and Basic Education of Tampere, Migration Info Centre Mainio, Kielten Mosaiikki ry